Tycho Ventor

Jedi Knight (Investigator)


a.k.a. Tycho Skywalker
Human (Alderanni?) Jedi 7, Jedi Knight 2

Str 10, Con 10, Dex 16, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14

Background: Politics
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Galactic Lore, Perception, Pilot, Use the Force.

Talents: Telekinetic Savant, Telekinetic Prodigy, Dark Side Sense, Resist the Dark Side, Echoes in the Force.

Feats: Force Training x3, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Unstoppable Force, Force Regimen Mastery.

Powers (14): Force Slam, Force Whirlwind, Mind Trick, Farseeing, Move Object x3, Force Shield x2, Rebuke x2, Vital Transfer, Negate Energy, Force Track.

Regimens (4): Quiet the Mind, Telekinetic Practice, Vo’ren’s First Cadence, Vo’Ren’s Fourth Cadence.

Techniques: Force Point Recovery

Destiny Completed: Discovery (+1 Defenses) – Son of Anakin Skywalker


(Former) Padawan learner to Jedi Knight Galen Marek.

Tycho had originally trained to become a transport space pilot
(Galactic Lore and Pilot trained), and may have become a combat pilot,
had he not joined the Jedi Order. Once a student, he dove head first into
his studies. His idealistic hero-worship of Jedi through the war time
pushed him to excel. This did not win him many friends in the school
at first, particularly of students of his age that had been in the
Order for years. Meeting Nicaela Euripedies helped that immensely.
She defended his actions to others, and showed him (indirectly
perhaps) that the Order is not simply a school, but also a political
machine. One cannot simply study for self-improvement, but train with
others who you may work or fight alongside in the future (Background:

Becoming a padawan to Galen Marek was supposed to be a great thing for
Tycho. Two powerful Jedi, both with talents in Telekinesis, a passion
for investigation. So very similar, it seemed a natural pairing.

They hated each other instantly.

In Tycho’s opinion, Galen resents his own inability to Pilot, and his
reliance on someone else. Tycho hates being treated slightly better
than a droid performing a function, and being kept in the dark about
their missions together. Tycho appreciates the training in Shien
style, but is uncertain if swordplay is really necessary in this
peaceful universe.

Transfer to Service Corps came as a relief to Tycho. A change of
pace, and the ability to actually help people live better lives, on
his own terms. Transport supplies, broker treaties, or punish

After the attack on Alderaan, Tycho felt the Force direct his Destiny towards his homeworld. Upon arrival, he discovered his father dying from radiation poisoning, due to his chemical facility being struck by the attack. Implored by his stepmother to help, Tycho gets tested to prove he can be used as a gene donor for cloning vital organs for his father. The results show the doctor that they are not related at all.
Further research at the family estate locate archives of a baby Tycho arriving at the same time as C-3PO. But no evidence of prior pregnancy.
Returning to the hospital, Tycho’s father is awake and admits to adopting Tycho to help a friend, Anakin Skywalker.

Tycho Ventor

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