Nicaela Euripedies

Jedi trained in Telekinetic Combat


Miraluka, Jedi 6, Jedi Knight 2

Str 16, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14

Defenses: Fort 22, Ref 21, Will 24

Background: Orphaned

Trained skills: Acrobatics, Perception, Use the Force

Talents: Block, Deflect, Weapon Spec (Lightsaber), Shii-Cho

Feats: Force Training x2, Weapon Focus (Lightsaber), Skill Focus (UtF), Instinctive Attack, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave

Powers (8): Battle strike, Kinetic combat, Draw Closer, Negate Energy, Surge, Assured Strike,

Techniques: Force Point Recovery

Destiny: Discovery


Nicaela Euripedies was named by the Force using monks upon who’s doorstep she was left days after her birth. The monks identified her as force sensitive and possibly a strong force user, so they sent her to the Jedi Council to be raised as a youngling.

She quickly showed a strength in Telekinesis and farseeing. Unfortunately, due to Nicaela’s usual appearance she was the butt of much childish teasing, that was always missed by the masters. However her retaliation were rarely overlooked. Her strong temper would flair to varing degrees. When she was about 10, her anger got the better of her and she broke a boy’s arm with her mind. This offense nearly got her removed from the order and cut off from the force.

Nicaela’s temper may have flared violently at times, but her honesty and her loyalty belonged to the Jedi Order, As she pleaded on her own behalf, they were her parents and her family now. The council was unwilling to be swayed until a cloaked and hooded jedi master spoke on her behalf, seeing something within her worth saving. Her penance was to spend a month in silent meditation, then a year cut off from the force learning nothing but theory.

By the time she met Tycho Ventor, she had learned more subtle ways to “combat” these internal foes with indifference and the occasional telekinetic backhand. They met, when he had been cornered behind the practice yards by some students. These students were upset because Tycho had out thought them in a verbal exam, and embarrassed them in front of a class of students. The teenagers were exacting their revenge when Nicaela out fenced their leader with a tree branch. With her heel against his throat, she stated with a bored tone. “Not only were you beaten by a girl, but a blind one at that.” Since then its been a bit of a private joke between the two padawans.

Many of the masters refused to take Nicaela as a padawan, claiming she was too wild, unmanageable, and too close to the dark side. But Rahm Kota stepped forward and volunteered to take the potentially unstable Nicaela on as his student. He said before the whole council. “Padawan Euripedies could be very powerful, if she survives herself. I intend to give her the tools to do just that.” For this, she is forever grateful. She works hard to please her master, perhaps too hard.

Nicaela Euripedies

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