Star Wars: Order 65

Feb 12 Session

After talking with Vos Ghost and Senator Organa.

Ship originated from Capsilla provence. Capsilla have political relationship with Mercetti. Vos said there was someone who helped free him to flee to Riassa, Votarri. He’ll know where Vos escaped from, NVG-1933 station, major Sith clone producer mentioned by Ventress001.

Tycho tries to contact Corran Horn, getting no response.

We head to Riessa in the Tipani sector. Cosa City has an artificial mountain of buildings, gradually tapering off from the center. Lots of air traffic.

Asking around after Votarri, we hear about a lot of unrest in Gonnahan Commonwealth, Lord Edmarks holdings. Bandit activity. Many have been held in Stonehall. Activity escalates. Tycho is approached by a finely dressed nobleman, meet at Lasha Skybridge in an hour.

Setting up on the bridge, we have Marrin, Barret, and Vandal on overwatch. The jedi and Lucas on the bridge to meet the lord. Meet Lord Parsanth Lur, he’s a rival of Lord Endmark, would like to see him brought down several pegs. Bandits are actually Revolutionary force, Hand of Right. Votarri is uncle of their leader (female).

Meanwhile, Marin notices a hover truck with several men crouched on top. They leap up impossibly high, and land on the bridge. They draw lightsabers of various types, and are wearing black and red versions of the Stratt mask. “You will be silenced Lur.” Many of the party is not surprised and attacks as they land. Many are wounded, none are killed.

A violent combat later, Lord Lur is still alive. Take a few blood samples to compare to our clone notes. Most humans (2 look alike), 1 zabrak. Lord Lur is surprised by the direct action, but the assasins are strange. Put in contact with Assani Gilten, in the Hand of Right. Allies through mutual Enemies. Try to deny Edmarks access to Votarri.

Messages back and forth with Assani for a time. Get a set of coordinates in Gonahan Commonwealth, in a small village way out of the city. Farmhouse? Rent a speeder to ride past border patrol, hired mercs, lots of military grade. At the meeting palce, we find 2 men who look us over, taking note of the non-humans (dismissing the droid). Nickela and Lucas smuggle their weapons in. When Tycho and Glendora hand over their lightsabers, they show surpise and reverence. Once inside the speeder, the windows darken. They call the Stratt clones “Nexu” they seem to have a lot of them.

Arrive at a school with perimeter razor wire fence. Gym has been opened into a open hangar. Teenage girl walks up flanked by 2 guards, introducing as Assani. Speak briefly, then lead inside. There’s a hologram of a “castle” notations say this is Stone Hall. 5-6 weeks ago Jaxing Votarri came back from a prospecting run in asteroids for ore. Was gone 2 weeks instead of a month. Nexu came to attack Vos and Votarri. Vos escaped. Votarri went into hiding. Captured Votarri about 2 weeks ago. Knew where he was going, possible mole in Hand of Right? 1 or 2 days from raiding Stone Hall. Dates back to Noble wars. 30 stories, landing pads, 5 meters of duracreet, 3 meters of ferrosteel. Leads us to gymnasium where she shows us is a SPHA vehicle.

Blood sample results match Rufus Paddox and jedi from 20 years ago. Means 10 year window of active clones. Probably looking at 400 milion clones of this type. Talk a bit about options. Lucas introduces himself to Assani as Scion of House Pallagia, and offers to bring tension onto Capsilla. He calls his father. Effectively admits that he became the Stratt. Learn what Lord Pellagia needs to enact military action against the attrocities. Suggests that some anarchist could send a signal in 2 days to have military response in moments.

Tycho feels a force power used on him. Backs out of the room, and it goes away. Telling people to split up, he feels that Asani is being scryed upon. Nicela feels that Asani is Force Sensitive.

6 days ago, when walker arrived, a Nexu arrives and climbs into the reactor area and plants a shielded device inside a manifold. Barret and Marin find the device is a shielded device. When they fire, the shield will turn off and the reactor will blow up, taking everything within 30 meters or so. They handily disarm the device.

XP Total 36,010. Gain Level 9



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