Star Wars: Order 65


The Thranta leaves hyperspace arriving at Thule. There are 2 large warships near the planet. They send out 2 tie fighters of a strange configuration. The ties start an attack run. Marin guns the engines to make the planet before we’re shot out of the sky. The Thranta takes a good amount of damage, but the gunners make one withdraw and the other explodes.

Entering the atmosphere, there is an endless ionic storm. The Thranta takes a direct lightning strike, and all the droids (and Barret) are knocked out. We eventually land, and everyone is brought back to consciousness.

Heading outside to survey the damage, we hear a couple of cries call and respond. Above the trees are a number of double headed flying lizards (battle hydras) appear and attack. They descend upon the Thranta, but we kill them all before we take much harm.

An old man rides a lizard into the clearing. Tycho senses that he’s a Force Active Dark Side user. He introduces himself as Kitster Benai. Is actually Anakin Skywalker.

Met with Dooku and Quigon on Tattoine, with Padme, Kenobi, and 212 Battalion. Kenobi attacked Quigon, severed his arm, then moved to Dooku. Knocked Skywalker back through 2 walls, and unconscious. When awoke, Skywalker saw Kenobi over Padme, with table fragments through her. Dooku retreated with Kenobi chasing. QuiGon supported marriage of Skywalker. Quigon implored Skywalker to deliver children. Quigon sensed Kenobi returning, and told Skywalker to run with Tycho, before sister was born.

There is a place that is a convergence of the Force, called Mortis. A Caretaker there told Anakin that he was the chosen one to maintain balance in the Force. Anakin drawn back to Mortis, and spoke to caretaker. The rolls of the son and daughter (light and dark) need to be restored, with father to maintain balance. Taking up the roll would take you out of the universe, so Anakin can take surrogate. There are 2 captives in Kenobi’s citadel on Thule, they could be convinced to take up the rolls for a time.

Level to 10

Prison Break

Deciding the best course of action is to drive up the intact Walker, the team sets themselves to various tasks to prepare.


  • Tycho talks over the location with some Rebels. Determines the best time would be dawn, approaching from the East, sun at our back.
  • Nikela watches the prison for a day, learning the exterior defenses and manpower.
  • Barret prepares the Walker, and obtains some explosives.
  • Glendora questions prison guards in the nearby cantina. She discovers that there are air speeders and Republic walkers that are on rapid deployment to defend the prison.
  • Vandal, Marrin, and the Stratt sneak into the prison. Walkers and Air Speeders are sabotaged. Interior layout is learned.
  • Tycho meditates on the future of the battleground. He receives a vision of many potential futures, and warns the group of it’s portents.


Barret starts the Walker’s long walk. Glendora and Tycho man the secondary weapons. Nikela rides on top. The alarm sounds, and pilots get to their speeders. Just as they’re about to exit the hanger, the door smashes down on the first one, closing down half of their forces. Marrin borrows an air speeder and lifts off with the second squad. Vandal surprises one of the gun platform, and after taking out the officer, talks the soldiers into retreating. The droid then sets the gun emplacement against the prison defenses. The Walker starts taking fire from the Speeders, and returns in kind. Nikela deflects some shots, defending the Walker. Marrin makes his presence known, and the speeders are taken out in short order. The Stratt avoids the alerted guards, finds the controls to the automated wall guns, and disables them. Discovered, he disappears into the prison levels and eludes capture. Barret fires the main weapon, scoring the prison wall on the first attempt, and going clear through on the second. The prison AT-ST’s have finally made out of the yard, slowed by the sabotage, and begin firing. One takes Marin’s speeder down, but he is blown clear at the last moment. The jedi rush to his side through the blaster fire. And the AT-ST’s are brought down.


Barret slices the computer system and locates cameras showing Votarri being removed from his cell by 3 Nexu and a Noble (Lord Andmark). They’re several stories up, and are heading for the roof to get onto a ship. The Stratt hits the release on the cells for the current floor. He makes an announcement over the PA system, declaring them all free, and to return home. A moment later, the turbolift opens, and guards pour out. The party wastes no time, keeping one group of guards busy at range, while Nikela cuts a swath, eliminating the group in the lift they need to reach the roof.


Lord Andmark, with Votarri held at gun point, tells his Nexu guard to keep us busy. A YT ship is approaching the platform. Glendora and Nikela thwart the Sage. Tycho sends the duelist flying into the turbolift, and then to the level with the prison riot. The Stratt leaps after Lord Andmark, and orders his surrender. When the Lord Surrenders, the Stratt puts himself in harms way, taking the shot for Votarri. His light foil cuts off Andmarks hand, and the Lord falls from the platform to his death.

Escape and Discussion

The padawans are called to bring in the Thranta to evacuate us. Marin takes over and breaks orbit in no time. Once Votarri has recovered, he asks why we saved him. We tell him of the death of Quinlan Vos. He tells us of how he met Vos, and his “old friend” Anakin Skywalker on the planet Thule. Surprised that Skywalker is not dead, as reported, Vos and Votarri leave the planet, but not to report to the Jedi Council. We set co-ordinates for Thule.
Feb 12 Session

After talking with Vos Ghost and Senator Organa.

Ship originated from Capsilla provence. Capsilla have political relationship with Mercetti. Vos said there was someone who helped free him to flee to Riassa, Votarri. He’ll know where Vos escaped from, NVG-1933 station, major Sith clone producer mentioned by Ventress001.

Tycho tries to contact Corran Horn, getting no response.

We head to Riessa in the Tipani sector. Cosa City has an artificial mountain of buildings, gradually tapering off from the center. Lots of air traffic.

Asking around after Votarri, we hear about a lot of unrest in Gonnahan Commonwealth, Lord Edmarks holdings. Bandit activity. Many have been held in Stonehall. Activity escalates. Tycho is approached by a finely dressed nobleman, meet at Lasha Skybridge in an hour.

Setting up on the bridge, we have Marrin, Barret, and Vandal on overwatch. The jedi and Lucas on the bridge to meet the lord. Meet Lord Parsanth Lur, he’s a rival of Lord Endmark, would like to see him brought down several pegs. Bandits are actually Revolutionary force, Hand of Right. Votarri is uncle of their leader (female).

Meanwhile, Marin notices a hover truck with several men crouched on top. They leap up impossibly high, and land on the bridge. They draw lightsabers of various types, and are wearing black and red versions of the Stratt mask. “You will be silenced Lur.” Many of the party is not surprised and attacks as they land. Many are wounded, none are killed.

A violent combat later, Lord Lur is still alive. Take a few blood samples to compare to our clone notes. Most humans (2 look alike), 1 zabrak. Lord Lur is surprised by the direct action, but the assasins are strange. Put in contact with Assani Gilten, in the Hand of Right. Allies through mutual Enemies. Try to deny Edmarks access to Votarri.

Messages back and forth with Assani for a time. Get a set of coordinates in Gonahan Commonwealth, in a small village way out of the city. Farmhouse? Rent a speeder to ride past border patrol, hired mercs, lots of military grade. At the meeting palce, we find 2 men who look us over, taking note of the non-humans (dismissing the droid). Nickela and Lucas smuggle their weapons in. When Tycho and Glendora hand over their lightsabers, they show surpise and reverence. Once inside the speeder, the windows darken. They call the Stratt clones “Nexu” they seem to have a lot of them.

Arrive at a school with perimeter razor wire fence. Gym has been opened into a open hangar. Teenage girl walks up flanked by 2 guards, introducing as Assani. Speak briefly, then lead inside. There’s a hologram of a “castle” notations say this is Stone Hall. 5-6 weeks ago Jaxing Votarri came back from a prospecting run in asteroids for ore. Was gone 2 weeks instead of a month. Nexu came to attack Vos and Votarri. Vos escaped. Votarri went into hiding. Captured Votarri about 2 weeks ago. Knew where he was going, possible mole in Hand of Right? 1 or 2 days from raiding Stone Hall. Dates back to Noble wars. 30 stories, landing pads, 5 meters of duracreet, 3 meters of ferrosteel. Leads us to gymnasium where she shows us is a SPHA vehicle.

Blood sample results match Rufus Paddox and jedi from 20 years ago. Means 10 year window of active clones. Probably looking at 400 milion clones of this type. Talk a bit about options. Lucas introduces himself to Assani as Scion of House Pallagia, and offers to bring tension onto Capsilla. He calls his father. Effectively admits that he became the Stratt. Learn what Lord Pellagia needs to enact military action against the attrocities. Suggests that some anarchist could send a signal in 2 days to have military response in moments.

Tycho feels a force power used on him. Backs out of the room, and it goes away. Telling people to split up, he feels that Asani is being scryed upon. Nicela feels that Asani is Force Sensitive.

6 days ago, when walker arrived, a Nexu arrives and climbs into the reactor area and plants a shielded device inside a manifold. Barret and Marin find the device is a shielded device. When they fire, the shield will turn off and the reactor will blow up, taking everything within 30 meters or so. They handily disarm the device.

XP Total 36,010. Gain Level 9

GAR No More!

  • 12:599:3/HNN/CORS.1.SEN/COWK

Kenobi Announces Military Disarmament Plan

In a startling move, Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi announced a massive demilitarization and decommissioning program for the Grand Army of the Republic. The former Clone Wars general laid out a plan to scale down the armaments on the Republic’s strongest warships, sent trillions of credits in war materiel to scrapyards, and muster out millions of clone soldiers. This action goes against all media expectations, who were anticipating Kenobi to announce an increase in ship production and clone training.

I stand before you today as your Chancellor, but in the past I have been a student, a Jedi, a Grand Master, an investigator, and a General. But for all those titles I’ve carried, I have always considered myself a peacekeeper, one who would do what it takes to maintain peace for the betterment of the Republic.

For thousands of years, the Jedi Order served as peacekeepers for the Republic. In that time, they have amassed a large amount of historical data. My cabinet and I have been researching that data and we have discovered that the darkest times for the Republic marked a time when the Republic’s Army and Navy were at their height. Thousands of warships, and millions of soldiers. These forces were raised by those loyal Republic worlds to fight a great menace, but when that menace ended the Armed Forces were not dismissed. They remained, and even grew in size. Eventually that military found themselves embroiled in conflict after conflict, and even Civil War.

Few would argue that the Republic’s time since the Clone Wars were anything but easy, or peaceful. It’s been difficult for many, impossible for some. These times have occurred before, and the outcome each time was another war more devastating than the first. I looked at what was happening to the Republic and knew I could not sit idly by while we spiraled into another conflict with our Galactic neighbors.

Many within the Grand Army of the Republic advocated that the only way to preserve the Republic was to arm her better. To give the Republic the military power to crush any opposition totally and absolutely. That kind of thinking led to the creation of the wrongfully named “Peacebringer Station” during the last administration. That will not be the direction of this office any longer.

Effective immediately, and in compliance with Executive Order 38, the Grand Army of the Republic will be disbanded. I am ordering the decommissioning of seventeen battle squadrons and fourteen brigades. The remaining forces will be divided among the Sectors of the Republic as deterrents for pirate and criminal activities, and for defense during local disputes.

All clone troopers in the affected brigades will be given honorable discharges and protected from exploitation of their abilities. Local sector governors will be allowed to supplement their sector forces by hiring clones, but they are to be given the same rights and privileges as all other galactic beings. There will be minimum earnings that clone troopers must receive for their time and service. Any sector, system, or planet that violates this mandate and dishonors those clone troopers who served the Republic so admirably will face severe felony charges including fines and prison sentences.

The Impervious-class Star Destroyers attached to the decommissioned squadrons can still serve the Republic in a more peaceful manner. They will be disarmed and re-commissioned as science and exploration vessels, and their crews will be allowed to explore the Unknown Regions for new systems to colonize and new civilizations to open diplomatic relations with. I have asked the Jedi Council to prepare several teams of Jedi to aid and accompany the first of these exploration missions, which they have graciously accepted.

Finally, to make sure that the tools of the last war are not used in any future wars, all starfighters, walkers, and repulsorcraft that cannot be converted to civilian use will be destroyed. Their metals will be recycled and used for the creation of housing for the billions still homeless from the wars of the past.

This action is meant as a message. The Golden Ages of the Republic happened in times where there was no Army of the Republic. Many are calling for the renewal of hostilities with the Corellian Confederacy. This body will not allow that to happen. We hope this action acts as an example to our comrades from the Corellia System, and hope that we can return to the negotiation table without such a looming threat of conflict.

Thank you, and Long Live the Republic

Chancellor Kenobi’s Military Reduction Plan (MRP) has already gone into effect. HNN attempted to contact the base commander at the Anarg Military Command Center near the Senatorial District but only received a message saying they are unable to respond to inquiries while they initiate the MRP. Reports are coming in from Fondor and Kuat that Star Destroyers undergoing maintenance are already having many of their formidable weapons removed in preparation for their newly-stated exploration missions.

Many are wondering what will become of the millions of Clone Troopers that are now effectively jobless due to the MRP. These beings were raised for war and the military life. Some will be taken on by Sector Governors to supplement their local defenses, but it’s naieve to think that all the clones in the military now would be able to be hired in such a manner. Only time will tell if these brave heroes will be able to cope with the sudden transition into civilian life.

By decimating the Republic’s Armed Forces, Kenobi’s bold move could invite opportunistic individuals to attack where we are weakest. It could also herald in a new age where talking and negotiations are the weapons of war, and peace is the outcome of a bloodless victory.

Episode Five: Shadows of the Force

Episode Five: Shadows of the Force

Peace refuses to take hold in the galaxy. The negotiations between the GALACTIC REPUBLIC and the CORELLIAN COUNCIL have come to a stalemate. SUPREME CHANCELLOR OBI-WAN KENOBI has vowed that war between the two states would not return, but many cannot see how it can be avoided.

On the world of BOTHAWUI, a relief effort led by the JEDI KNIGHTS bring much needed aid to the devastated regions still recovering from the vicious bombardment from a year ago. The relief forces are joined by Alderaanian Senator BAIL ORGANA, who mediates any disputes between the Republic and the Bothan people.

Meanwhile in the OUTER RIM TERRITORIES, dark forces are on the move. No longer content to hide in the shadows, they are active and gathering allies. Soon they will reveal themselves to the Galaxy, and only time will tell if the Republic will survive…


More Trouble in Corellia System

  • 44:8:52/HNN/CORS.2.CHAN/EDIT

Confrontation Looms as Peace Talks Break Down

By Kavar Ogranden

Since the destruction of the planet Corellia, and the ascension of former Jedi Grand Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to the chair of Supreme Chancellor, the galaxy has been balancing on a precipice’s edge. Reports of brutality in the Outer Rim, coupled with acts of war by the Corellian Fleet created a firestorm that ended in Mon Mothma’s destruction of one of the Republic’s founding worlds. Chancellor Kenobi has used the last year to consolidate his cabinet, and continue his role as peacekeeper in trying to keep the galaxy from plunging into what some are calling a Second Clone War.

Since taking office, Chancellor Kenobi has attempted to reach out to the new Corellian System Council. Made up of representatives from the surviving Corellian worlds, and the Corellian Exiles now living aboard Centerpoint Station; peace negotiations between the Council and the Republic have been stagnant at best, and deteriorating at worst. Among the points of contention are restitution charges the Council wants the Republic to pay for the destruction of Corellia, an amount that would bankrupt the Republic coffers. The Republic wants a complete disarmament of the Corellian Defense Fleet, and incorporation of those naval assets back into the Republic Fleet.

Another sore-spot in the negotiation is the continued attacks by the “Corellian Rebellion”. Made up of former Republic troopers, many of them from the Corellian system, the Rebel forces have been attacking Republic military targets. Unlike the Corellian Terror Fleet that bombed Bothawui and Alderaan, this fleet is restricting its attacks to military convoys and assets. The biggest threat comes from the fact that Rebel forces have significant resources, thanks to the defection of Captain Gilad Pellaeon and his Star Destroyer, Chimera. With a fully armed Impervious-class Star Destroyer as the centerpiece, the Rebel fleet is able to stage successful raids on military outposts and depots.

Captain Pellaeon is not the only orphaned son of Corellia to join the Rebellion. Commander Soontir Fel of the Republic’s 12th Fighter Squadron defected to the Rebel fleet with most of his flight group. This infused the Rebel forces with a significant amount of experience and skill, two traits that Captain Pellaeon utilizes to their fullest.

The Rebellion even has the support of a group of former Jedi known as the “Revenants”. Total numbers are unknown, but the leader of the Revenants is Corran Horn, a Corellian Jedi Knight who left the Jedi Order after Kenobi took office as Chancellor. The group usually operates alongside Rebellion ground forces, but separate of it, acting as a sort-of special forces unit for the Rebellion. They have been quite effective in their work.

It has been revealed that Horn’s former master, Corellian Jedi Valin Halcyon, was also his father, which is certain to have influenced Horn’s support for the Rebellion against the Republic. It also is likley to have caused Horn to leave the order, since in the Jedi’s eyes he was illegitimately inducted into the Jedi. Jedi are forbidden from familial relationships, and from having children. This scandal diminished the Corellian Jedi Master, and his son, in the eyes of the Jedi. As a note, Master Halcyon was killed on Corellia when it was destroyed.

Smuggling is also making a come-back with the Corellian Rebellion. Reports are that any supplies the Rebels seize that are not useful to their operations are transported to the Corellian System and dispersed among the surviving population of Corellia. Republic Patrol ships have been attempting to put an end to this practice, will little luck.

With the Corellian Rebellion attacking Republic holdings, and the negotiations with the Corellian Council on the brink of failure, Republic forces are mobilizing to prepare for a second Corellian Crisis. Analysts are predicting that unless something changes, soon and dramatically, we will see open warfare in the Corellian system and its neighbors within three to six months. Chancellor Kenobi has been meeting with his cabinet and the Senate Security Council for the past two days, discussing the options the Republic has in this matter. It is expected that the Chancellor will announce an increase in Defense spedning, including a commission of another five million Clone Troopers from the factories on Kamino, in a press confrence later this week.

Bounty Updates

  • 13:501:3/BHG/CST.2.14/ACTBNTS

The following bounties have been updated by the Office of Republic Intelligence.

Name Known Aliases Race, Gender Bounty Status of Target
Horn, Corran None Human Male 180,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 20% capture bonus if alive
Fel, Soontir None Human Male 80,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 10% capture bonus if alive
Pellaeon, Gilad None Human Male 70,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 20% capture bonus if alive
Terrik, Booster None Human Male 40,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 10% caputre bonus if alive
Terrik, Mirax None Human Female 20,000 Cr Wanded Alive
The Stratt Unknown Humanoid, gender unknown 160,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 25% capture bonus if alive

For questions about claiming these bounties please contact your local Boutny Hunter’s Guild administrator. Please note that individuals claiming bounties without an approved and active Republic Peace Keeping Certificate will void their claim on the posted reward and may be subject to local felony charges.

Hunt for Stratt Continues

  • 69:447:9/HNN/COR.5.CHAN/BREAK

One Year Later, the Hunt for The Stratt Continues

As the one year anniversary of the destruction of Corellia closes, one cannot help but wonder why the fugitive known as The Stratt remains at large. The self-apointed “defender of the weak” became galactically infamous during the Corellian Crisis when he somehow was able to activate the Graviton Beam aboard Centerpoint station and not only correct the gravitational instability caused by the destruction of Corellia, but used the mass of the Peacebringer One battle station to do it, killing one million Republic Soldiers in the process and assassinating the rogue-Chancellor, Mon Mothma.

The hunt for the Stratt is headed by a Republic Intelligence Task Force led by Major Ysanne Isard, daughter of Republic Intelligence Director Armand Isard. Holonet News Network was able to arrange an interview with Major Isard and ask her about the search for the Stratt.

HNN Correspondent Lyt Herald: Thank you for meeting with us today Major, I know you have a very busy schedule.

Major Ysanne Isard: Very busy, Lyt.

LH: Let’s get started then. To put it simply, how’s the hunt for the Stratt coming?

YI: We are making considerable progress. With help from the public, Republic Intelligence agents have received countless leads on the Stratt’s location and identity. We have done extensive research on this so-called folk-hero, The Stratt, from when he was a local problem of the Taipani Nobles. The Stratt is not a person as much as he’s an icon, an ideal.

LH: Is he the only one, or have there been others?

YI: According to our research there have been at least twelve individuals over the centuries who have taken up the mantle of The Stratt and used that persona in the Taipani Sector. In all cases, the Stratt has fostered rebellions and revolutions against the lawfully-elected officials within the Taipani Government, as well as the hereditary Noble Houses.

LH: But aren’t those “elected officials” done so by the Nobles themselves, and not the general population that the Stratt claims to serve?

YI: I thought we were taking about the Stratt, not the political infrastructure of one of the Repbulic’s member nations.

LH: I apologize. So you know the background of the Stratt, but what caused him to move from the Taipani Sector to a larger stage?

YI: Let’s get one thing clear, Lyt. The Stratt is a terrorist and a radical. He’s not some actor or stage performer spinning a tale of romantic ideology. Regardless of the outcome of his actions, the Stratt murdered one million Republic Soldiers when he blew up Peacebringer One.

LH: Many would argue though that his actions were justified, that the Chancellor intended to use the Peachebringer One to destroy the rest of the habitated worlds in the Corellia System.

YI: That’s the opinion of some. Justification is for the courts to decide. Until then he is a fugitive from justice and will be treated as such.

LH: You’ve placed quite a bounty on his head; 80,000 Credits at last count. Have the bounty hunter guilds had any luck tracking him down?

YI: Our offices act independently of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, but I haven’t heard of any Bounty Hunters who have come as close to capturing the Stratt as we have.

LH: How close are you to capturing the Stratt? Do you know his identity?

YI: I can’t answer that question as it could endanger the lives of our Intelligence Assets.

LH: You make it sound like you have someone close to him.

YI: Isard gives a silent stare

LH: Okay, moving back to the subject of Bounty Hunters, you claim you don’t work with the Bounty Huner’s guild, but what about the reports that [bounty hunter] Boba Fett was seen speaking with a Republic Intelligence agent on Bespin last week?

YI: An unrelated matter, there are thousands of Intelligence Agents working in the field every day. That agent is not part of my Task Force.

LH: I understand that you’re acting under orders from your father to capture the Stratt…

YI: Under orders from the Director; our relationship has no bearing on this.

LH: Okay, you’re acting under orders from the Director to capture the Stratt, but what’s your take on all this? What do you think of him?

YI: My feelings on this matter are irrelivant, but I will say this. The Stratt took the time to compose and broadcast a radicalist, political statement before he and his associates activated Centerpoint station. What kind of being would sheath a political message under the guise of “serving the greater good”.

LH: So the Stratt is a menace?

YI: On galacic scale, yes.

LH: Then why is his approval rating at 72% with the general population of the Corellia system, and 32% overall in the galaxy? Why is he seen as a hero that stopped an insane despot from killing billions? If you have so much “help from the public”, why haven’t you captured him yet, or even un-masked him? Surely his real face would be an immense help in tracking him down. Someone would recognize him, for certain? Or do you even know his real identity, Major Isard?

YI: …this interview is over. Isard stands up and leaves the conference room

Kenobi Leaves Jedi Order

  • 69:447:9/HNN/COR.5.CHAN/BREAK

Grand Master Kenobi leaves Jedi Order, Accepts Position as Supreme Chancellor

In a surprising and unprecedented move, the leading authority in the Jedi Order, Grand Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, announced today that he will abdicate his position within the Jedi Order to serve the Republic as its Supreme Chancellor. Such an action has never occurred before; Grand Masters of the Jedi Order usually serve until retirement to a life of quiet meditation, or pass away while in office.

This historic move makes permanent the previously temporary appointment of Kenobi as the Acting Chancellor following the Corellian Crisis several months ago. When Chancellor Mon Mothma went rogue and ordered the destruction of the planet Corellia, the Republic Security Council voted on Executive Order 65, which lawfully calls for the removal of the Supreme Chancellor from office. At that time, Kenobi was named the Chancellor as a temporary measure.

Following that date, Kenobi has been actively trying to soothe the tensions in the Corellia system. He has also been repealing several reforms the former Chancellor Mothma put into place, such as the Military Expansionist Act and the Outer Rim Territories Restructuring Initiative, which is a program that has been accused of selling Republic-held territories within the Outer Rim to corporate conglomerates at below-average cost.

In a press conference announcing his appointment, Chancellor Kenobi had this to say “For millennia, the Jedi Order has served the Republic as peacekeepers and diplomats. That is what I will strive to achieve while I hold this office. I will continue to serve the Republic and lead it to a new era of peace and prosperity.”

Critics of today’s announcement are few, but vocal. Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan states “The Jedi have served the Republic, this is not to be disputed. But they have served as advisors and ambassadors, never as a political entity. I do not know what this new Era will be like, but I fear it will not be the idyllic paradise that Kenobi claims he will bring.”

Kenobi’s final task as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order will be to place his nomination for the Order’s next Grand Master. Several sources say that his former student, Jedi Master Ahsoka Tano’s name has been placed as the frontrunner.


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