Star Wars: Order 65

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Sea Base Computer Files

After digging through the base computers, the heroes come across a series of interesting communications between “Shadowplay” and “Ventress”.

Seabase file 1

Seabase file access 2

Cascade Bay

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Chapter Three

The heroes meet at the Jedi Temple to share the information they’ve learned on their individual adventures. They exchange the information they’ve uncovered, and make some interesting connections concerning the Hejaran family of the Taipani Sector.

The party enters the Jedi Council Chambers and report to Valin Draco, the only Jedi Council-member available at the moment. With him is Master Tecco Moomo, padawan Veneema Symbos and Kenobi’s padawan Satine Naberrie. They listen to the exchange of information. Valin scowls at Marin, but listens to the plan Marek formulated, cursing Marek for being so reckless.

Eventually, Valin Draco comes up with a plan of his own; he will mobilize the 616th Legion and their accompanying ships in the 14th Fleet and head to the Mecetti Province. Meanwhile, the heroes will head out to the Taipani Sector ahead of the fleet and see if they can locate Marek. Masters Moomo want to accompany them, but there are reports of hostility in the Mid-Rim, and Jedi assistance is being requested by Supreme Chancellor Mon Mothma. There’s a disturbance in the Force, and something is moving in the shadows, causing unrest.

The heroes return to the Thranta and depart for the Mecetti Province. The Mecetti province is a stronghold for House Mecetti, one of the more powerful and sinister of the Taipani Noble Houses. Upon arrival they have few choices. The Pella system is accessible, and home to one of the more powerful families in Mecetti, the Hejarans. It’s also where the Smuggler bought the Goodship Bountiful several months ago.

Jedi Galen Marek’s tracking beacon was last detected somewhere in the Mecetti Province of the Taipani Sector. As they arrive in the area, the signal stops. It could just be interference, or it could be that his tracker was discovered and destroyed. Either way, the Taipani Sector is a large amount of territory to lose a ship in. Their only lead is the Pella system, where House Hejaran rules and where Malae’s ship was sold to Shodain.

Once they land, they are approached by a droid that looks remarkably like Vandal, except its silver with green House Mecetti livery adorning it. It introduces itself as HK-400-D16, and wishes to extend an invitation from Lucien Hejaran to visit Hejaran Castle for dinner tomorrow night. The local Mecetti Lord will not hear of the son of a Patriatch eating with the common folk on Pellagia. A transport will be sent to retrieve the guests at 1500 hours tomorrow at hanger 1194-W.

Over the course of several hours, the heroes were able to uncover several key bits of information.

The Pella system was having a horrible round of luck this past year with a series of attacks by the legendary “Stratt”, with several prison break-ins and fugitive escapes. These attacks ended four months ago with the last spotting of the Stratt on Nightsinger’s Orb.

House Hejaran is moving funds around at a staggering rate. It’s hard to find, but there does seem to be a pattern. The papertrail indicates that there is a large construction project happening on Nightsinger’s Orb, the exact details are not known.

Legal transfer of ship titles is a tricky thing to fake, but it can be done. Checking with the Bureau of Ships and Services, they see that the Goodship Bountiful’s title was transferred to Shodain 3 months ago. The seller is listed as Gorus Fent, lawyer. Also included in the file is a Writ of Authority, supposedly signed by Malae, to authorize Gorus Fent to sell the Goodship Bountiful.

As they investigate and search around Pella for clues, the group is attacked by a quartet of saber-rakes and two gunmen as they leave the local Beureau of Ships and Services. These thugs fight hard and fight well, two of the swordsmen attakc Barrett, nearly killing him right off the bat. The jedi engage the attackers, trying to keep their fellow partymembers safe. After several moments of tense fighting, the tide finally turns in the favor of the heroes. One by one, the saber-rakes fall. One of the Gunmen retreats to her speeder bike after a vicious wound from Marin’s blaster. Not one to let a foe get away, Sir Lucas leaps on a nearby speeder bike and chases after her. Shot by the fleeing assassin, Lucas guns the throttle and drops his Light-foil blade into a parallel level with the ground and speeds by the gunman. The light-foil slices through the gunman’s head, separating it from his body. The speeder bike flys out of control and crashes as Sir Lucas turns his own speeder back to the others.

In the mean-time, Tycho has disabled the remaining gunman by catching her in a Force Whirlwind. She surrenders, and the party flees with their captive ahead of the local constibulry. She reveals that she and her companions are enforcers and hit-men, hired by an intermediary because the heroes were asking too many questions.

More to come…

Chapter Two; Part Two

Details Forthcoming…

Chapter Two, Part One
An investigation uncovers more questions than answers...

After reporting back to the Jedi Council on the matter of the Germalaine system, the heroes are ordered to return to Coruscant. Arriving several days later, some members enter the Jedi Temple immediately upon arriving. Barrett, Marin, and Vandal head off to check in with the Republic Explorer Corps, while Tycho, Nicaela, Glendora, and Lucas are called to meet with the Jedi Council.

Heading to the Jedi High Council tower, they are met by one of their masters, Jedi Knight Galen Marek. He is looking over the report Tycho sent to the Jedi Council. Reading it, he says there are several details that seem to be missing, but he was never one for reports anyway and would prefer to hear it from his Padawan specifically what happened.

After a few minutes of discussion, J-3PO opens the doors to the High Council chamber and states the Council will hear them now. Heading in, most of the chairs are filled, but some of them are empty.

Master Kenobi listens to the Padawans describe their encounter on Ger’malaine with the Blazing Chain Pirates. When completed, various masters have follow up questions or comments.

Ahsoka Tano “Do you feel this is an isolated incident, or part of a larger conspiracy?”
Darrus Jeht “Were you able to track down the origination of this ship? Where was it taken from?”
Valin Draco “Thank you for this report, padawans. Do not concern yourself with this matter any further. We will deliberate and determine the proper course of action to resolve this matter. You are dismissed.”

Serra Keto “Master Draco, this is a matter for us to deliberate, but these padawans have uncovered quite an alarming piece of news here. I think they’ve earned the right to listen in on our discussions.”

She’shel Ve “If the ship was taken from a shipyard in Ord Zeoul, then someone should be sent to investigate it’s theft.”

Echuu Shen-Jon (hologram) “It is quite alarming that this is the first we’ve heard about this. One would think the Republic would want us to help in the investigations, or at least alert us that pirates had stolen an armed Separatist Warship.”

Quinlan Vos (Hologram) “I am engaged in my investigation here on Thule, and Ord Zeuol is on the other side of the Galaxy. I advise we sent Jedi Marek to investigate the boneyard.”

Nevas Seng “I agree, Marek is the best choice available, unless you wish to handle this matter personally, Master Kenobi?”

Sian Jeisel (hologram) “It’s settled then; Jedi Marek and the padawans will leave for Ord Zeoul immediately.

After exiting the Council Chambers, Marek instructs his padawan to assemble his gear and meet in the main hanger. The group has only two hours before they have to leave.

Once down in the main hold, the group is greeted by an incredible sight. A long, sleek transport awaits them. It appears to be made by Sienar Republic Systems, and shares many design similarities with their TIE series of fighters. Marek descends the ramp in the back of the craft. “You like it? It’s called the Scimitar. It’s been in storage by the Jedi Order since before the Clone Wars. Who knows why is beyond anyone’s guess, this ship should be out doing Recon for the Republic Navy. It comes equipped with a Stygium-cloaking device, which makes the ship invisible to sensors and even visual inspection. It’s almost unheard of in a ship this size. The accommodations aren’t the best, but it’ll get us to Ord Zeoul quick enough, and allow us to conduct our investigation quietly if need be.”

The ship feels cold, perpetually, even with the heating on full. Everyone who slept on board had the strange sensation of voices whispering to them from across the stars.

Nine days later, the Scimitar emerged from hyperspace near the Ord Zeuol shipyard. The space near Ord Zeuol’s oblong moon is filled with junked hulks and intact spacecraft. Remnants of over two centuries of space-faring is packed in an area thousands of kilometers in size. One of the largest objects is an old VenteX Cargo Facility.

With the cloaking field active, the group went to investigate the area where the Destroyer was berthed, based on the data from it’s navigational computer. They found a completely different ship in it’s place. Looking around the area, they find a half destroyed pirate freighter hidden in the middle of a debris lot. The vessel appears to have been hit by a turbo-laser, and was destroyed with all hands on board. Unable to access the ship’s computer, the Jedi decided to cut it out of the hull and take it with them aboard the Scimitar.

The ship flew out of the field, de-cloaked, and approached the station. After a brief exchange with a gruff Givin station commander, the ship was allowed to land in one of the processing chambers. They are escorted to the Commander’s office by a pair of burly humans (Cando and Jorn). The Givin’s office was sparse, utilitarian, and clean to perfection. Everything in it is set down at mathematically perfect angles, and the air scrubbers work extra hard to keep the room free of dust. Metal cabinets, desks, and chairs predominately the gun-metal grey room.

“My name is Station Commander Yixxil, welcome to Republic Decommissioning Depot Enth-Shen 555. Now, I’m behind schedule and don’t have time for further pleasantries. Why are you on my station?”

“Commander, we’re investigating the theft and destruction of an old Recusant-class Destroyer in the Ger’malaine system.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because the destroyer was stolen from your facility.”

“…it seems you have your information incorrect, Jedi Marek. We are not missing a destroyer.”

“CCD-624? A Recusant-Class Commerce Guild Destroyer?”

“Yes, that is the registry of one of our Destroyers. It’s located in lot 36-990-400.”

“…no, it’s currently burning up in Ger’malaine’s atmosphere.”

The Givin commander then activated a holoprojector. “Here, let me show you. We’re in the middle of salvaging one of the other destroyers from the cache her right now, but I can spare a fly-over of the location of the warship. We use droids for all the salvage operations. They work hard, don’t complain, and don’t ask for raises.” Various views of the shipyard start to cycle through the viewer. Eventually, the camera shifts to the hulk of a Commerce Guild Destroyer. “See? There you are, Jedi. CCD-624; one of seven Commerce Guild Destroyers in my shipyard.”

When asked where it came from: “Three years ago a republic survey team was working in an asteroid cluster near the Naboo system. When they approached one of the larger asteroids, they discovered it was hollowed out and turned into a storage berth for a flotilla of Separatist warships. Seven Destroyers, Four Munificent Frigates, a Lucrehulk Battleship, a Providence-Class Destroyer; enough warships to invade a system. Because we are the closest decommissioning yard, they were sent to us. But due to budget cuts we haven’t been able to start the actual refining of their hulls until earlier this year.”

Were the ships stripped of weapons and equipment when they arrived? “No, because removing over two-thousand gun emplacements, nevermind shield emitters, sensor arrays, and reactor cores would have taken a year, a year of work that would have taken this facility further off schedule and over budget. This facility has no extra funds for that kind of work or that kind of overtime. So I authorized the droids to take a month removing all the fire control systems and navigational arrays from the ships. The ships would have been rendered effectively inoperative until we had time to begin the salvage operations.”

Where are the other ships? “They’re around the shipyard. We have so much craft in this yard, and re-stock it so often that we can’t actually see them from here. But I know they’re still there because our patrol droids sweep the shipyard every few days.”

Where is the salvage being brought to? “We have loaders arriving every hour as containers are filled. They’re being processed in Chamber 5.”

Marek instructed the padawans and tells them to go check the containers and review their contents. He stayed behind to discuss matters with the Station Commander.

As the heroes arrive in Chamber 5, they see one large shipping container being offloaded and a new container arriving. There are a few organic beings in the area, but the predominant workforce is labor droids. As they investigate the loading bay, details are uncovered; the salvage being off-loaded from the incoming containers are very generic, and not matching what should be coming in from a warship. Checking computer records provided few other clues, but someone noticed the heroes snooping around, because all the droids suddenly stopped working and began to attack the party.

Binary Load Lifters and the PK Worker Droids moved in to engage the characters in melee. “Gonk” Power Droids waddled up to the group and self destructed, sending shrapnel across the chamber. After some deft maneuvering and fighting, the group managed to put down the droids. They discovered that the two likely candidates for the sabotage and the cover-up were Jorn and Cando, the two workers who met the Jedi at their ship. Checking the internal sensors, Jorn and Cando just left the station on a starship.

When Marek is told about the altercation in Chamber 5, the heroes hear a lightsaber ignite over the comm and a startled yelp from the station commander. “Padawan, take the Scimitar and capture them. I’m going to stay here and continue my ‘discussion’ with the Station Commander.”

The heroes run the Scimitar and embark on a chase to try and catch the fleeing culprits before they can reach the edge of the asteroid field. After some tricky maneuvers from Tycho, some revealing sensor scans by Lucas, and some demoralizing convincing from Glendora, Cando and Jorn are caught and brought back to the station.

Cando and Jorn have been working at the decommissioning depot for over a decade. Earlier this year, they were contacted by a mysterious figure named “Hejaran” offing to supplement their income if they would help maintain the ruse of the salvage operation. With no increase in pay from the Republic or Commander Yirril, they took the credits. Their instructions were to make the records show that the Separatist warships had been decommissioned and salvaged. Meanwhile Hejaran’s people would steal the ships, one at a time. Cando and Jorn were able to face records, recycle materials, and fake holo-logs to make it look like the ships were processed as normal.

When a ship was to be taken, a freighter would jump into the system while the stations sensors were being secretly jammed. The thieves would install the missing key components swiftly, swap the ship with several nearby derelict hulks to mask the obvious void in the shipyard, and jump out with their new warship. It was all perfect until a month before when a band of pirates attacked during the restoration of a Recusant-Class Destroyer. The pirates took a beating, but they got away with the Destroyer. Cando and Jorn tried to cover up the attack, but they knew their secret would come to light soon. Appeasing their partner Hejaran, they made arrangements for the theft of the last warship, then planned to flee the station soon after.

The last ship, a Lucrehulk-class Battleship, is to be retrieved sometime in the next couple of days. With no time to get a fleet out here to capture the thieves, Marek orders his padawan to take the Scimitar and report back to the Council. Meanwhile, he will sneak aboard the battleship and hide from the thieves. He’ll bring along a hyperspace homing beacon so the Order and the Republic can dispatch a rescue team to retrieve him, and hopefully reveal where all the warships had gone. The belief being if all the ships are taken by the same party, they all may be in the same place for “safekeeping”.

Marek sneaks aboard the battleship, and the Scimitar engages the cloaking field. Less than a day later, a well-armed Action VI bulk freighter jumps into the system with an escort of Y-Wing fighters. The freighter docks with the warship, and an hour later the Lucrehulk begins to move out of the shipyard. With the departure of the warship and his mentor, Tycho turns the cloaked ship towards Coruscant to report on the recent events to the Council

Chapter One, Part Two
When last we left our heroes...

As the sun sets, comm-traffic around Crater Tier increases. The Void Shades have returned. After requesting landing rights from the Tower, they set down at the tarmac. The ships that approach are all battle damaged, trailing smoke and parts in their wake. One fighter doesn’t make the landing, crashing into the ground outside the starport and exploding into a fire-ball.

While the injured pirates land to treat their wounded and repair their ships, the heroes board a captured pirate Citadel cruiser and head out to the Destroyer. They’re able to bluff their way out of the starport and alongside the Destroyer. The pirates have one of their freighters clamped to the exterior of the bridge with power cables and sensor feed lines running between the two, hinting that the ship’s onboard sensor systems are either offline or damaged. The weapon systems on the ship are powered down, as are the deflector shields. The hypermatter reactor is funning, but the containment field for the Anti-matter chamber is at a dangerously low 29%.

Barret deduces that it would be easier to scuttle the ship, rather than capture it. The Recusant-class Destroyer is 1,100 meters of mostly empty space. They were designed to carry 40,000 battle droids for boarding actions, and serve a crew of 350 for fleet picket duties. With such a small number of crew, on a ship that large, sneaking around on board it should be possible. If he could get to the reactor, he could clamp down the power core and dump the fuel, leaving the ship adrift in space until a large refuling ship could come out for it. The problem is with the containment field so low, there’s a good chance this action will cause a cascade failure, venting anti-matter into the ship itself. If that happens, they’ll have minutes, maybe seconds to get off the ship before it explodes.

The heroes move in, landing in an unmanned hanger bay. Vandal elects to stay behind and keep their path of escape secure while the rest of the heroes head into the ship to figure out how best to handle this threat.

Sneaking around the ship, with their new droid R5-D4 in tow, they find an access computer and log in, scanning for logs, records, and internal sensors. There are about 100 pirates aboard, and according to the Jedi they’re all Force-users (Blazing Chain pirates). They can’t get access to astrogation data; for that they’ll need to gain access to the main bridge, or the secondary bridge inside the ship. Fortunately, the secondary bridge is on the way to Engineering.

After a brief skirmish with a pirate repair crew, the heroes make it to the secondary bridge. They work together to get into the Bridge and out of sight before they’re noticed by the pirates, and are able to power up the bridge and access data. The act of powering up the bridge alerts the pirates, so they’ll have limited time before someone comes by and checks in on the unusual activity in the secondary bridge.

As they check the records for the ship, they uncover some interesting data. The pirates raided a Republic decommissioning shipyard at Ord Zeuol. In a surprise attack, the Void Shades used a diversionary attack to allow three boarding teams to take control of the Destroyer. Many pirates were wounded or killed during the attack, but the ship was taken. The farthest logs that are accessible are from a Sepratist captain, perhaps one of the last ones, who flew the ship to one specific set of coordinates and left it there for ten years, when someone found it and moved it to Ord Zeuol, where it remained there for another three years before the Pirates stole it.

After learning this information, and recording the Astrogation data for the Shipyard and the mysterious location the Destroyer lay dormant for a decade, the heroes move towards the engineering section.

Utilizing the Force to maintain awareness, Nicela and Tycho cover Barret and Marin as they enter the first of two Flow Regulation Chamber rooms. The jedi notice several pirates a couple rooms over working dilligently to strengthen the containment field, but once Barret and Marin disengage the first regulator, one pirate trots over to the room to see why it’s gone offline. As the door opens, the Pirate is surprised to find a pair of jedi waiting for her. A quick tug at the pirate’s holstered blaster pistol with the Force and the poor plunderer is disarmed and fleeing, raising an alarm and trying to stay away from the dual-saber weilding Miraluka chasing her.

Sir Lucas uses his grapling launcher to position himself over the other access door to the room, and when it opens get’s the drop on the pirate that comes through, literally.

Marin steps back from helping Barret to cover the group with his Targeting Blaster Rifle. Glendora moves to secure the main engineering section to discover it filled with foes. As Barret works to bring the other regulators offline, a desprate battle erupts.

One pirate uses the Force to smash Sir Lucas into a bulkhead, but the nimble noble flips over and is able to land on the bulkhead with little harm (GM Note: Spent a Desiny point to negate the damage from the attack. I know it’s only supposed to make an attack miss and not negate damage, but it was cinematic and cool) Lucas then duels the thug, lightfoil vs vibrosaber.

Barret, finished with the first three regulators, unslings his pride and joy; his Blaster Cannon, and opens fire on the villains. Careful to target pirates only, he is able to take down several of them and soften up others.

Things start to turn sour for the group, Barret injured, Lucas knocked unconcious, Tycho on the bring of passing out. The battle drifts into the reactor room, where loader droids are moving cargo around the room. The droids enter the fray with instructions to pin the intruders in place while the pirates kill them. But with a long line of fire, Marin is finally able to bring his long-range fire power to bear, killing one pirate with one shot and systematically mowing down two more. (GM Note: After a string of bad rolls, Marin’s player muttered “Fuck it, Destiny Point…” and critted one Melee Pirate charing him for 47 points of damage, killing him. This seemed to jump start his dice, as every round after that it was nothing but 15+ on the die.)

Evenually, the group is able to persevere and defeat the droids and pirates. They shut down the other three regulators and try to dump the reactor. As fears, a cascade failure begins, with a 10 minute warning to containment failure. Running through the ship, they return to the Citadel cruiser and blast off. (Here is the closer for the session)

Scrambling and trying to maintain balance, you hurry back to the cruiser with all the speed you can muster. The early arrivals immediately make preparations to launch from the stricken Destroyer. With everyone aboard, the docking hatch is sealed and the ship takes off. Marin turns the Citadel cruiser away from the Destroyer and guns the throttle. A mighty roar fills the ship as the ion engines blaze to life, causing the ship to leap forward. Moments later, the ship is eclipsed by a bright light as the Destroyer’s powerplant explodes, consuming half of the warship in a brilliant fire ball. The remaining half of the destroyer begins a slow pirouette end over end, tumbling and glowing as internal fires and pressures slowly tear the ship appart. The Citadel cruiser rumbles slightly as the shockwave washes over the freighter, but you are far enough away to avoid the worst of the blast.

The engagement has left many unanswered questions. How did these pirates gain access to a near-fully armed warship? Why was there no pursuit of it’s theft by Republic forces? What was that mysterious location where the ship lay dormant for a decade? The answers may be found on Ord Zeuol, or the Jedi Council may have insight as to where the investigation should go. One thing is for certain; the trip into the Unknown Regions is likely to be delayed.

Ep 4: Chapter One

Dropping out of hyperspace in the Outer Rim, the heroes begin their approach of the rocky, olive-green world of Ger’malaine. The crew plan to stop of at the Crater Tier Starport and top of their stores before journeying to the Unknown Regions.

Immediately, the group can see that something is amiss. The ship’s sensors are not picking up the Crater Tier landing beacon. Usually in orbit over the starport, the beacon provides local news, landing information, and serves as a link to the Bureau of Ships and Services. Marin checks the sensors and discovers residual debris and radiation that indicates the satellite was blasted from orbit.

Concerned, Barret makes contact with the landing tower. The control officer immediately tells the Thranta that landing permission are denied, and that they should vector off to another system to refuel and resupply. After a few verbal exchanges (and some good Persuassion and Deception checks), the crew of the Thranta state they have some engine damage and are low on fuel, and cannot reach another port. The officer caves in and transmits landing coordinates.

Ger’malaine’s surface is dominated by craters. High winds rip through the valleys and canyons between the crater walls, stirring up stinging clouds of debris. The sky is a sea-foam green with wisps of golden-yellow clouds. Between the rocks, short scrubs not taller than 2 meters grow across the landscape. The city of Crater Tier is built in a large crater with high rocky sides to protect it from the high winds.

As the heroes explore the city, they find the place in ruins; shops are boarded up and under repair, the populace appears to be avoiding them, and no local security are seen on the streets. Eventually, the heroes corner a few townspeople and get the low-down on what’s been happening.

About a month ago a fleet of Blazing Chain pirates calling themselves the “Void Shades” came to Crater Tier, blasted the comm beacon out of the sky, and went on a crime spree through town. There were hundreds of them, so they overpowered the local police quite easily. They then set up shop, taking whatever they wanted and planned to use Crater Tier as a base of operations to conduct raids from. A week ago, the bulk of the pirate fleet left to go on some special raid, no one knew where they were going. They left behind a couple of crews and ships that needed repair to keep an eye on things.

At this point, the heroes encountered their first Blazing Chain pirates. Word got out to them that someone was nosing around. Full of pirate bluster, four pirates and two old Super Battle Droids tried to scare off the group. The PCs responded by drawing weapons and lighting lightsabers. The battle was joined.

notes about the battle coming soon, but suffice to say the heroes won the street fight

The group takes refuge in a local doctor’s office, where they tend to their own wounds as well as the surviving pirate’s injuries. Once he regains conciousness, the pirate starts off with a defiant attitude, but the convincing words of the party changes his attitude. He reveals that the majority left, and are due back soon, but there are still pirates at the starport working on their own ships.

After a brief respite, the group heads back to the starport, checking on their ship first. They discover that someone had been trying to get into the ship; the locking panel for the access ramp is open, and wires are hanging out. Divots in the tarmac nearby discarded tools reveal the attempted shipjacker’s frustration and failed attempt to gain access (the Pirate rolled poorly on his Mechanics check; poor pirate…) Barret deftly repaired the access panel, changed the codes again, and the group headed off to the southern end of the starport.

The remaining pirates were working on two Cloakshape fighters and a Citadel Cruiser. One pirate and one heavy labor droid were working on each fighter, while four pirate-owned Super Battle Droids guarded the ships. The heroes entered near the Control Tower, where the pirates had parked an armed land-speeder. Spotted by the Battle Droids, the heroes came under fire.

notes about Second Battle coming soon, including the details about Marin kicking over an R5 droid that was fleeing from the Citadel Cruiser, and Barret’s adventures in Move Object attacks

After the battle, the heroes rounded up their wounded and their prisoners. Initially hostile towards the human that kicked him over, the R5 droid’s ire was satiated somewhat by Vandal. After some convincing, and the promise of a refurbishment from Barret, the droid agreed to accompany the group, introducing his designation as R5-D4.

The citizens of Crater Tier started to approach the heroes now, curious to see what their next move would be. The pirates will return, that much is certain. With 20 ships and an estimated 300 personnel, the party is placed in a difficult decision. They debate blowing up the Starport when the pirates land, using all of the starport’s volatile fuel cells to do so. But destroying the Starport removes the planet’s ability to resupply ships, meaning some ships that make the trip out to Ger’maline would be stranded. The city would suffer and many would die if critical supplies were delayed, and the economy of Crater Tier could not afford to rebuild the starport. Begrudgingly, the heroes determine that the best course of action for now is to sit and wait, and deal with the pirates as best they can.

The Void Shade’s return a week later, much later than any expected. Calling down to the tower, they state they are bringing in wounded, and that many of their ships are damaged. Tycho, impersonating the control tower officer, grants them landing permissions. The pirates brag that they lost half their ships, and much of the crew, but the raid was a success and they “got it”. Scanning near-orbit, Marin detects what “it” is, an intact Recusant-class Destroyer.

Pirates incoming, and a warship over head, these seven heroes begin to form a daring and dangerous plan; deal with the pirates landing and then board the Destroyer. But do they have the time, the resources, and the luck to pull it off?

Episode Four: Destiny of the Force
Peace is a Lie

Star Wars: Order 65

Episode Four: Destiny of the Force

It has been twenty-two years since the end of the Clone Wars. The GALACTIC REPUBLIC has been restored to it’s former glory, thanks to the benign guidance of SUPREME CHANCELLOR MON MOTHMA. Peace and prosperity are prevalent in the Core Worlds.

The JEDI KNIGHTS, under the leadership of Grand Master OBI-WAN KENOBI, have sent their padawan learners out to serve in the JEDI SERVICE CORPS. Hundreds of Padawans are dispatched to render aid to the still-beleaguered worlds on the Outer Rim. It is hoped that their assistance will bring needed experience to the understrength JEDI ORDER, and in turn continue to hard-fought peace in the Galaxy.

But as the Sith Code says, Peace is a Lie. Dark forces are moving in the shadows of the Republic; plotting, waiting, preparing to emerge and tear the galaxy asunder. When their secrets are revealed, the galaxy will never be the same…

Game Start…

The Republic may be at peace, and proclaiming great prosperity, but you wouldn’t know if you were Barret Talif and Marin Zycolik. Operating their modified YT-1930 in the Outer Rim, the two spacers are faced with mounting debts, repair and resupply costs, and a string of Republic Astrogation Survey Team missions that netted few noteworthy discoveries. What’s more, resupplying their ship in the Outer Rim is a dangerous endeavor; few starports welcome Republic vessels in the Outer Rim, even ones claiming to only freelance. More than once they have had to leave port after one altercation or another.

The situation isn’t likely to improve with the appointment of two Jedi Padawans to the ship, Tycho Ventor and Nicaela Euripedies. Because of their arrangement with the RAST, the duo were asked to have the two Jedi accompany them, as part of Master Kenobi’s new Outreach program. Originally Barret and Marin weren’t going to accept them on-board, since Jedi are also not very welcome in the Outer Rim, but the grant the Republic was offering would be enough to get the ship it’s 40,000LY tune-up and pay off the Banking Clan for another 2 months. Besides, a couple Jedi on board could prove useful in the Unknown Regions.

While the ship was undergoing maintenance at the Fondor shipyards, Barret ran into a colleague from his younger days. Lucas Paddox, knight of House Pelagia, was looking to get out of the Tapani Sector for a little while to “get some affairs in order and let others cool off”. Not sure what (or who) the affairs concerned, Barrett thought better than to ask and allowed his friend to tag along for their next Explorer tour.

At their first port of call in the Outer Rim, Marin stumbled across an acquaintance of his own; HK-33. A combat droid belonging to a mercenary unit called The Brotherhood, HK-33 was part of the squad that “accidentally” rescued Marin after Marin was marooned in the Outer Rim. HK-33, now referring to itself as “Vandal”, briefly explained that it was looking for information on a recent tragedy that befell The Brotherhood. Marin offered his assistance, but that assistance would need to work concurrently to his own mission for the Explorer Corps. Deducing that some help was better than no help, Vandal agreed to accompany the crew.

The soon-to-be-heroes prepare their ship for a jump towards the Unknown Regions of space, unaware of the dangers, and discovery, the future holds for them.

Holonet News Update 2

Jedi Master Killed in Overton

Dateline: Overton, Coruscant

The Jedi Enclave observes a week of mourning today after the gruesome discovery on a skybridge in Overton early yesterday morning. The human Jedi Master, who has been identified as Jax Pavan, was found murdered on the skybridge between the 49th and 50th residential blocks. An area of Overton known for seedy dealings, the Jedi Enclave is not commenting why Master Pavan was in the Overton area or the circumstances surrounding his death.

An anonymous source within the Overton Security Precinct confirmed that Master Pavan was found with his head and right arm severed from the rest of his body, and that the wounds suffered were consistent with those inflicted by a lightsaber.

Residents in the area reported hearing sounds similar to lightning that night, and flashes of light. These reports coupled with the determination that Master Pavan’s wounds were from a lightsaber would appear to indicate that Master Pavan was engaged in a duel with another Jedi. The Jedi Enclave was unwilling to comment on these developments.

The Jedi Order stated that they are conducting their own investigation along side the Overton Security Precinct, and that the two groups will pool their resources to discover who is responsible for the Jedi Master’s death.


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