Star Wars: Order 65

More Trouble in Corellia System

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Confrontation Looms as Peace Talks Break Down

By Kavar Ogranden

Since the destruction of the planet Corellia, and the ascension of former Jedi Grand Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to the chair of Supreme Chancellor, the galaxy has been balancing on a precipice’s edge. Reports of brutality in the Outer Rim, coupled with acts of war by the Corellian Fleet created a firestorm that ended in Mon Mothma’s destruction of one of the Republic’s founding worlds. Chancellor Kenobi has used the last year to consolidate his cabinet, and continue his role as peacekeeper in trying to keep the galaxy from plunging into what some are calling a Second Clone War.

Since taking office, Chancellor Kenobi has attempted to reach out to the new Corellian System Council. Made up of representatives from the surviving Corellian worlds, and the Corellian Exiles now living aboard Centerpoint Station; peace negotiations between the Council and the Republic have been stagnant at best, and deteriorating at worst. Among the points of contention are restitution charges the Council wants the Republic to pay for the destruction of Corellia, an amount that would bankrupt the Republic coffers. The Republic wants a complete disarmament of the Corellian Defense Fleet, and incorporation of those naval assets back into the Republic Fleet.

Another sore-spot in the negotiation is the continued attacks by the “Corellian Rebellion”. Made up of former Republic troopers, many of them from the Corellian system, the Rebel forces have been attacking Republic military targets. Unlike the Corellian Terror Fleet that bombed Bothawui and Alderaan, this fleet is restricting its attacks to military convoys and assets. The biggest threat comes from the fact that Rebel forces have significant resources, thanks to the defection of Captain Gilad Pellaeon and his Star Destroyer, Chimera. With a fully armed Impervious-class Star Destroyer as the centerpiece, the Rebel fleet is able to stage successful raids on military outposts and depots.

Captain Pellaeon is not the only orphaned son of Corellia to join the Rebellion. Commander Soontir Fel of the Republic’s 12th Fighter Squadron defected to the Rebel fleet with most of his flight group. This infused the Rebel forces with a significant amount of experience and skill, two traits that Captain Pellaeon utilizes to their fullest.

The Rebellion even has the support of a group of former Jedi known as the “Revenants”. Total numbers are unknown, but the leader of the Revenants is Corran Horn, a Corellian Jedi Knight who left the Jedi Order after Kenobi took office as Chancellor. The group usually operates alongside Rebellion ground forces, but separate of it, acting as a sort-of special forces unit for the Rebellion. They have been quite effective in their work.

It has been revealed that Horn’s former master, Corellian Jedi Valin Halcyon, was also his father, which is certain to have influenced Horn’s support for the Rebellion against the Republic. It also is likley to have caused Horn to leave the order, since in the Jedi’s eyes he was illegitimately inducted into the Jedi. Jedi are forbidden from familial relationships, and from having children. This scandal diminished the Corellian Jedi Master, and his son, in the eyes of the Jedi. As a note, Master Halcyon was killed on Corellia when it was destroyed.

Smuggling is also making a come-back with the Corellian Rebellion. Reports are that any supplies the Rebels seize that are not useful to their operations are transported to the Corellian System and dispersed among the surviving population of Corellia. Republic Patrol ships have been attempting to put an end to this practice, will little luck.

With the Corellian Rebellion attacking Republic holdings, and the negotiations with the Corellian Council on the brink of failure, Republic forces are mobilizing to prepare for a second Corellian Crisis. Analysts are predicting that unless something changes, soon and dramatically, we will see open warfare in the Corellian system and its neighbors within three to six months. Chancellor Kenobi has been meeting with his cabinet and the Senate Security Council for the past two days, discussing the options the Republic has in this matter. It is expected that the Chancellor will announce an increase in Defense spedning, including a commission of another five million Clone Troopers from the factories on Kamino, in a press confrence later this week.

Bounty Updates

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The following bounties have been updated by the Office of Republic Intelligence.

Name Known Aliases Race, Gender Bounty Status of Target
Horn, Corran None Human Male 180,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 20% capture bonus if alive
Fel, Soontir None Human Male 80,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 10% capture bonus if alive
Pellaeon, Gilad None Human Male 70,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 20% capture bonus if alive
Terrik, Booster None Human Male 40,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 10% caputre bonus if alive
Terrik, Mirax None Human Female 20,000 Cr Wanded Alive
The Stratt Unknown Humanoid, gender unknown 160,000 Cr Wanted Dead or Alive, 25% capture bonus if alive

For questions about claiming these bounties please contact your local Boutny Hunter’s Guild administrator. Please note that individuals claiming bounties without an approved and active Republic Peace Keeping Certificate will void their claim on the posted reward and may be subject to local felony charges.

Hunt for Stratt Continues

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One Year Later, the Hunt for The Stratt Continues

As the one year anniversary of the destruction of Corellia closes, one cannot help but wonder why the fugitive known as The Stratt remains at large. The self-apointed “defender of the weak” became galactically infamous during the Corellian Crisis when he somehow was able to activate the Graviton Beam aboard Centerpoint station and not only correct the gravitational instability caused by the destruction of Corellia, but used the mass of the Peacebringer One battle station to do it, killing one million Republic Soldiers in the process and assassinating the rogue-Chancellor, Mon Mothma.

The hunt for the Stratt is headed by a Republic Intelligence Task Force led by Major Ysanne Isard, daughter of Republic Intelligence Director Armand Isard. Holonet News Network was able to arrange an interview with Major Isard and ask her about the search for the Stratt.

HNN Correspondent Lyt Herald: Thank you for meeting with us today Major, I know you have a very busy schedule.

Major Ysanne Isard: Very busy, Lyt.

LH: Let’s get started then. To put it simply, how’s the hunt for the Stratt coming?

YI: We are making considerable progress. With help from the public, Republic Intelligence agents have received countless leads on the Stratt’s location and identity. We have done extensive research on this so-called folk-hero, The Stratt, from when he was a local problem of the Taipani Nobles. The Stratt is not a person as much as he’s an icon, an ideal.

LH: Is he the only one, or have there been others?

YI: According to our research there have been at least twelve individuals over the centuries who have taken up the mantle of The Stratt and used that persona in the Taipani Sector. In all cases, the Stratt has fostered rebellions and revolutions against the lawfully-elected officials within the Taipani Government, as well as the hereditary Noble Houses.

LH: But aren’t those “elected officials” done so by the Nobles themselves, and not the general population that the Stratt claims to serve?

YI: I thought we were taking about the Stratt, not the political infrastructure of one of the Repbulic’s member nations.

LH: I apologize. So you know the background of the Stratt, but what caused him to move from the Taipani Sector to a larger stage?

YI: Let’s get one thing clear, Lyt. The Stratt is a terrorist and a radical. He’s not some actor or stage performer spinning a tale of romantic ideology. Regardless of the outcome of his actions, the Stratt murdered one million Republic Soldiers when he blew up Peacebringer One.

LH: Many would argue though that his actions were justified, that the Chancellor intended to use the Peachebringer One to destroy the rest of the habitated worlds in the Corellia System.

YI: That’s the opinion of some. Justification is for the courts to decide. Until then he is a fugitive from justice and will be treated as such.

LH: You’ve placed quite a bounty on his head; 80,000 Credits at last count. Have the bounty hunter guilds had any luck tracking him down?

YI: Our offices act independently of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, but I haven’t heard of any Bounty Hunters who have come as close to capturing the Stratt as we have.

LH: How close are you to capturing the Stratt? Do you know his identity?

YI: I can’t answer that question as it could endanger the lives of our Intelligence Assets.

LH: You make it sound like you have someone close to him.

YI: Isard gives a silent stare

LH: Okay, moving back to the subject of Bounty Hunters, you claim you don’t work with the Bounty Huner’s guild, but what about the reports that [bounty hunter] Boba Fett was seen speaking with a Republic Intelligence agent on Bespin last week?

YI: An unrelated matter, there are thousands of Intelligence Agents working in the field every day. That agent is not part of my Task Force.

LH: I understand that you’re acting under orders from your father to capture the Stratt…

YI: Under orders from the Director; our relationship has no bearing on this.

LH: Okay, you’re acting under orders from the Director to capture the Stratt, but what’s your take on all this? What do you think of him?

YI: My feelings on this matter are irrelivant, but I will say this. The Stratt took the time to compose and broadcast a radicalist, political statement before he and his associates activated Centerpoint station. What kind of being would sheath a political message under the guise of “serving the greater good”.

LH: So the Stratt is a menace?

YI: On galacic scale, yes.

LH: Then why is his approval rating at 72% with the general population of the Corellia system, and 32% overall in the galaxy? Why is he seen as a hero that stopped an insane despot from killing billions? If you have so much “help from the public”, why haven’t you captured him yet, or even un-masked him? Surely his real face would be an immense help in tracking him down. Someone would recognize him, for certain? Or do you even know his real identity, Major Isard?

YI: …this interview is over. Isard stands up and leaves the conference room

Kenobi Leaves Jedi Order

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Grand Master Kenobi leaves Jedi Order, Accepts Position as Supreme Chancellor

In a surprising and unprecedented move, the leading authority in the Jedi Order, Grand Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, announced today that he will abdicate his position within the Jedi Order to serve the Republic as its Supreme Chancellor. Such an action has never occurred before; Grand Masters of the Jedi Order usually serve until retirement to a life of quiet meditation, or pass away while in office.

This historic move makes permanent the previously temporary appointment of Kenobi as the Acting Chancellor following the Corellian Crisis several months ago. When Chancellor Mon Mothma went rogue and ordered the destruction of the planet Corellia, the Republic Security Council voted on Executive Order 65, which lawfully calls for the removal of the Supreme Chancellor from office. At that time, Kenobi was named the Chancellor as a temporary measure.

Following that date, Kenobi has been actively trying to soothe the tensions in the Corellia system. He has also been repealing several reforms the former Chancellor Mothma put into place, such as the Military Expansionist Act and the Outer Rim Territories Restructuring Initiative, which is a program that has been accused of selling Republic-held territories within the Outer Rim to corporate conglomerates at below-average cost.

In a press conference announcing his appointment, Chancellor Kenobi had this to say “For millennia, the Jedi Order has served the Republic as peacekeepers and diplomats. That is what I will strive to achieve while I hold this office. I will continue to serve the Republic and lead it to a new era of peace and prosperity.”

Critics of today’s announcement are few, but vocal. Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan states “The Jedi have served the Republic, this is not to be disputed. But they have served as advisors and ambassadors, never as a political entity. I do not know what this new Era will be like, but I fear it will not be the idyllic paradise that Kenobi claims he will bring.”

Kenobi’s final task as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order will be to place his nomination for the Order’s next Grand Master. Several sources say that his former student, Jedi Master Ahsoka Tano’s name has been placed as the frontrunner.

Death of a Senator

After a bit of discussion about what to do next, the Thranta heads for Alderaan to investigate the damage from the recent “Corellian” attack. Upon their approach, Tycho is informed that his presence is requested at a hospital.
After landing the Thranta is greeted by C3-P0, the Ventor family protocol droid. C3-P0 brings them to a nearby hospital. Tycho’s father, (name here), is in critical condition from a wasting genetic disease. Without a genetically compatible donor, he will die. Tycho’s step Mother and two younger sisters are at the bedside. They implore Tycho to do something. Tycho and Barret step aside with the doctor to have a sample drawn. Meanwhile, Lucas talks with the mother and daughters, smoothing over Tycho’s lack of emotional attachment.
After running the test twice, it is determined that Tycho is not only incompatible, but entirely unrelated to his father. Delivering the bad news to his family, they react with a mix of dismay and anger.
Looking for an explanation, the group, and 3P0, heads to the Ventor household. They go through many old records, piecing together that Tycho’s mother was not pregnant, and suddenly Tycho was “born.” After some significant slicing by Barret, they find a journal entry saying that the Ventors accepted a child and C3-P0 from their friend, Anakin Skywalker. This was shortly after Skywalkers reported death on Tattooine.
The group returns to the hospital finding Tycho’s father awake. When confronted with what has just been learned, he admits to concealing the truth all these years, and why. He then falls back unconscious, looking more at ease. Glendora points out that it could be possible, though risky, to extract a genetic sample from the fetus of the pregnant step-mother. The doctor had dismissed the idea before, but with a Jedi healer able to assist them, it could be done. After much preparation, meditation, and crossed fingers, the procedure is done with no harm to the fetus. The doctor confirms the sample is compatible, and begins working on a cure immediately.

Through various (and some unorthodox) means, the party enters the Senator Brigta Hejaran’s suite. The Stratt finds (cuts) his way into a closet and finds a secret room. The room holds a large meditation crystal for Force Training. As Marin enters the same room, the crystal puts off an odd resonance that stuns the two Force Sensitives. Marin shakes off the effect, then helps the Stratt shake it off. They find a datapad with some of Brigta’s notes and letters, enough proof to arrest her. (More detail here please!!!)

Confronting the Senator
A quick check of the HoloNet shows us that the Senate has just come to a decision, and Senator Hejaran is leaving the chambers. The party heads down to intercept her. Surrounded by personal guards and Senatorial Security, the group starts explaining the situation to Security that they are in the right to arrest or detain the Senator. Just as Security starts to come around, the fight breaks out. Brigta shows her true colors by using Force Lightning, and makes her way to a launchpad just outside. She makes it out the door, but not to her ship. As the Security takes her unconscious body into custody, she is shot in the head by an unseen sniper. Tycho jumps on a nearby speeder bike to chase down the sniper, weaving his way through speeding traffic. Marin puts a blaster bolt into her from across the street, forcing her to activate a stealth feature. Tycho uses the Force to find her, and subdues her with a Force Whirlwind. The assassin is taken into custody.

Senate Authorizes Action

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Chancellor’s words swing senate to declare war against rebellious Corellia

Senate District, CORUSCANT

After hours of deliberation, the Republic Senate announced that the Republic Military will be deployed in force to the Corellia system. Senators had been arguing the pros and cons of such an action for several days when word reached of the recent attack by the Corellian Fleet on Alderaan. With that action, Chancellor Mon Mothma spoke to the assembled Senators. She denounced Corellia’s actions, and requested the Senate to grant the Republic Military the authority to bring Corellia to justice. The senate deliberated for another two hours before the vote was called. The motion to authorize military action and formally declare war against Corellia passed by a narrow margin.

After the motion passed, Chancellor Mothma met witht he Security Council in a closed session. The only additional being admitted to the meeting was Grand Master Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Jedi Council. When he left, he appeared down-trodden. In a press conference afterward, he still advocated for a peaceful compromise. “I still believe there is a peaceful outcome for this crisis, and will continue to work for that solution.”

Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan did not speak before the Senate, and was not present for the vote. Organa has been a long-standing proponent of peaceful resolutions, and a close friend of former-senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia.

Corellian Fleet Attacks Alderaan

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Thousands killed, billions in damages from vicious sneak attack

Corellian Warships passing Avirandel as they approach Alderaan

ALDERAAN, Alderaan System

The Corellian Fleet responsible for the massive death toll and destruction inflicted on the Bothan homeworld of Bothawui have attacked the jewel of the Repbulic, Alderaan. While the Republic Sentate argued in chambers about the Corellian Crisis, Corellian ships slipped into the outer edges of the Alderann system and used the planet Avirandel to obscure their approach. Once in range of Alderaan, the Corellian fleet proceeded to bombard the planet. Thankfully, the planetary shields withheld the assault and damage to the planet was light. The bombardment lasted for twenty six minutes until elements of the Core Worlds Defense Fleet arrived in system and chased the warships off. In all, three thousand beings were killed in the twenty minute attack, and four billion credits in damage was inflicted by the Corellian Fleet.

Soon after hearing the first reports of the attack, Chancellor Mon Mothma conveined an emergency session of the Republic Security Council to discuss “a proper course of action in response to the continued, heinous attacks by the rogue state of Corellia”. Chancellor Mothma is expected to ask the Senate to vote on a formal declaration of war against Corellia.

When word of this reached Senator Bail Organa, he was stunned by the attack. Senator Organa had been advocating a peaceful settlement with the Corellians. After hearing of their attack on his homeworld, the Alderaanian senator said “I’m not sure what to think now. There must be an explination for all this.” When asked how the Senator would vote on the topic of war with Corellia, Organa paused for several moments before declining to comment.

Taipani Noble Killed in Shuttle Explosion


House Mercetti mourns the loss of a family lord.

Pella, Merceti Province, Taipani Sector

Lord Lucien Hejaran, patriarch of the Hejaran family of the Taipani Sector, was killed earlier today along with 5 fellow passengers and 3 crewmen. Lord Hejaran was returning to the Taipani Sector to continue recovery after an attack several weeks prior to this incident.

The Republic shuttle emerged from hyperspace in the Fondor system, where it was to re-calculate for the final jump to Lord Hejaran’s home in the Pella system. Just before the shuttle re-entered hyperspace, it exploded. No lifeboats were recovered from the remains of the shuttle’s detruction. Fondor System Security is investigating the cause of the explosion.

Lucien Hejaran is survived by his younger brother Themion and his cousin Brijta, the Taipani Senator to the Republic.

Corellia Blockaded!
Once proud founder of the Republic now a vile threat to galactic peace.

Approximately three days ago, warships from the 27th, 443rd, and 925th battle squadrons hyperspaced into the Corellia system and has set up a blockade of all traffic within the system. With the recent bombardment of the Bothan homeworld by ships bearing markings of the Corellian Defense Fleet, the Republic senate voted to blockade and detain the Corellian Defense Fleet while the matter is investigated.

The bombing of Bothawui occurred mere hours after Garm Bel Iblis’s impassioned speech to the senate, announcing Corellia’s withdrawal from the Republic. Senator Bel Iblis claims to have seen atrocities committed by Republic troops while touring the Outer Rim. Much of the proof the Senator presented could not be confirmed by independent sources, but when the creation of a senate sub-committee was put forth, Bel Iblis accused the Chancellor of “sweeping this foul plot under the carpet of bureaucracy”.

Many believe that the bombing of Bothawui was done to cripple the legendary Bothan Spy Net, and prevent them from uncovering evidence of Corellia’s involvement in a number of suspicious activities that have recently been uncovered. There are confirmed reports of a pirate band operating in the Outer Rim that had acquired a old Separatist Destroyer, and had been planning to use it to create a new pirate kingdom when the ship was destroyed by an elite team of Jedi under orders from the Jedi Counicl. The ship was traced back to a Republic shipyard, where dockworkers with ties to Corellia were involved in the theft for several decommissioned Separatist warships, allegedly by Corellian Forces.

The warships stolen from the shipyard were reportedly the same make and composition as the fleet that bombed Bothawui. Now both sides accuse the other of deception and treachery. The Corellians say the Republic is to blame, and that they refurbished the ships and framed Corellia as a planned response to Corellia’s secession from the Republic. The Chancellor’s office accuses the Corellians of stealing the ships to cripple the Republic’s intelligence resources, to better hide Corellia’s behind-the-scenes arms build up.

In order to prevent all out war between the Republic and one of the worlds that helped form the Republic over 25 millennia ago, the Sentate voted to approve a plan set forth by Jedi Grand Master and Clone Wars Hero, Obi-Wan Kenobi. At the request and advice of Grand Master, a blockade has been established around each of the 5 life-bearing worlds in the Corellia system, as well as an armed occupying force aboard the galactic wonder, Centerpoint Station. Meanwhile, members of the Jedi Council have been dispatched to investigate the attack on Bothawui and other related matters to better address the crisis. Master Kenobi himself has been seen regularly in the Republic Senate building, meeting frequently with Chancellor Mothma with every new development in the blockade.

The Corellian Diktat and former-senator Bel Iblis have demanded the Republic Fleet leave the Corellia system, and already hostilities have occurred between the two fleets involving several snubfighter engagements. It remains to be seen if the commanders of the Republic and Corellian Fleets will be able to let cooler heads prevail, and allow Master Kenobi and his Jedi a chance to preserve the peace between these two powers.


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