Veneema Symbos

Female human Jedi Padawan to Master Valin Draco


Thin, short, athletic; Veneema uses her small stature to let opponents underestimate her. When not acting a role for a mission, Veneema carries herself with an almost military demeanor. She is studying the Ataru style of combat, as well as aspects of the deceptive Trakata form.


Veneema hails from the homeplanet of Marin Zycolic, where the two of them would play and have many childish adventures exploring their world. When she was young, her Force Sensitive nature was uncovered by Jedi Knight Valin Draco. Seeking an apprentice, she took Veneema to Coruscant and began her training.

She is frequently in the company of her master, Council member Valin Draco.

Veneema Symbos

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