Sir Lucas Paddox

A knight about court from House Pelagia in the Tapani sector. His wit is as sharp as his lightfoil.


STR 12 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA 15

Noble 3 Scoundrel 1 Jedi 4

Weapon Group, Lightsaber
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Prof. Pistols
Weapon Prof. Simple
Force Sensitivity
Force Training
Melee Defense
Skill Focus; Use the Force
Acrobatic Strike
Improved Disarm

Sneak Attack
Noble Fencing Style
Elusive Target

Battle Strike


Not only Jedi use lightsabers. Some traditions are as old and as noble as the Jedi, and as secretive as the Sith. The Tapani sector has as many secrets as the core worlds do, but their secrets are wrapped in tradition and lineage.

The biggest parties, the fastest snub fighters, and the hottest starlets were his domain. If it was new and shiney Sir Lucas was behind the controls, at the door, or having his picture taken with her. Nothing lasts forever, but with his name not in any holo vid scandals it looked as if the young knight was on a winning streak.

But why tell the story from the middle, when the beginning is so much more relevant to the future.

500 years ago, a Tapani nobleman fell in love while he was on vacation. The luxury cruise lines from Mon Calamari are no strangers to love and lust, and they are accustomed to scandals (any press is good advertisement after all). The noble houses of Tapani have turned many a blind eye to dalliances with “the help”, but never when a ring and a proposal are involved. His pride was equal to his father’s power, and the marriage went ahead as planned. Ladies of court are unkind to their friends, and ruthless to those they do not believe belong at court.

While the couples love was strong, their newborn son was strong and perfect, her spirits were broken by the constant bickering and whispers behind her back. When the end came, it was by her own hand with her words burned in her husband’s memory, and his eyes opened. With her gone, he could now see the intolerance, the unfairness and the cruelty of those of power and station. In her memory, he donned a mask and fought to right the wrongs. As did his son, and his son and his son…

20 years ago Baron Ru Fus took his mask off for the last time after he avenged the deaths of his wife and son at the hands of Black Sun. He knew that his mask had drawn them to his child, and now his line was over. His Ru Fus’s fathers’ obsession with justice and equality had driven him to follow in his footsteps, to become The Strat. Now his son was dead. Just like Ru Fus was dead inside. The Strat was no more, the family line lay broken. The scourge of the Tapani Sector, the hero of the downtrodden would fade away and be little more than a footnote during the days of the looming civil war. At a time when the common man needed him more than ever, The Strat no longer had the heart to continue. The Start turned out the lights, closed himself off to the Force, and hung up his mask forever. But the Force works in mysterious ways…

Sir Lucas smiled to the camera, and waved to the countless screaming girls standing on the other side of velvet rope. CorSec security could barely keep the crowds at bay when the guests on the red carpet behaved, but Sir Lucas had vaulted on top of a hover limo to get a better view of the crowd. After all his date had passed out in the limo he was now standing on, he needed to find a replacement and quickly.

Baron Ru Fus half heartedly watched the young man on his holo projector mug for the crowd. His vision blurry due to the weight of time and the weight of a drink he could not pronounce. Until that young man effortlessly somersaulted off of a hover limo into a crowd sweeping a young Zeltron girl off of her feet. The movement caught his attention and reminded him of a time when he himself could have performed such a stunt. His meddlesome 3P0 droid informed him that he was watching red carpet footage of the Corellian Classic, a once a cycle light foil competition. And that the young man was in fact his brother’s son, Sir Lucas. Who, in a major upset had taken top honors earlier that day and had already bragged that he would spend the night celebrating with as many women as he could find. Ru Fus felt the Force reach out to him, a stirring inside him that he’d not felt in years.

Sir Lucas waved to the crowd as a Zeltron swooned on his arm. His light foil handle clattering on his hip, his hair blowing in the night air, and for the first time in years he thought of his Uncle Ru Fus. He paused on the red carpet for a moment, distracted by the unexpected thought of his reclusive uncle, he had no idea how that pause would change his life.

Sir Lucas Paddox

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