Former Chancellor of the Republic, removed from power for corruption, incarcerated


In hindsight, it’s still difficult to see all the pieces Palpatine moved around on the dejarik-board that orchestrated his rise to power. What is known is that it goes as far back as the Naboo Crisis with the Trade Federation. Then-Senator Palpatine was able to engineer the vote of no confidence against Chancellor Valorum and was elected to take his place. Over the coming decade, he used a series of tense situations and threats to Republic Security to have additional provisions of “emergency powers” granted to him to allow Palpatine to cut through red tape, legally. In doing so, Palpatine built a power base that could have had him leading the Republic indefinitely.

Details surrounding Palpatine’s arrest are classified “Aurek Red”, meaning only the highest levels of Republic Intelligence have access to them. What is known is that five Jedi Masters went to the Senatorial Chambers to arrest Palpatine after Master Kenobi presented his evidence against him. Only Master Kenobi survived the arrest attempt.

After the arrest, Palpatine was placed on trial in a closed hearing. Acting-Chancellor Kenobi used the same executive powers that Palpatine acquired for his position to make the trial a military tribunal. Since the Supreme Chancellor is also the Supreme Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, he was able to argue that this was a military matter. It also made the details where Palpatine is imprisoned a matter of Republic Security.

Current rumor is that he’s imprisoned in a work camp on Kessel, but no one who’s managed to serve their time and be released recalls seeing him there.


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