Lucian Hejaran

Patriarch of the Hejaran family of House Mercetti, nemesis of The Stratt, DECEASED


Tall, broad shouldered, human in his late 60s. He wore his grey hair in a long ponytail, and had a neatly trimmed beard. His voice was booming and full of self-righteousness.


Traditionally, Lord Hejaran was an evil man, oppressing his subjects and keeping them under his thumb. Most of his grander plans and schemes were foiled by The Stratt, a masked vigilante who was a hero for the people.

After narrowly surviving an assassination attempt (presumably sent by his cousin Brijta), his outlook on life cooled somewhat, and in the last days of his life he had a change of heart.

He was killed when his shuttle exploded on a return trip to Pella, his home planet in the Taipani Sector.

Lucian Hejaran

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