Galen Marek

Jedi Knight and a powerful student of the Force, able to unleash awesome telekinetic abilities.


Galen Marek is the son of a Jedi Knight who left the order during the Clone Wars. After training his son all he could in the ways of the Force, he sent Galen to complete his training at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. There, Marek displayed exceptional prowess with telekinetic abilities and swordsmanship, preferring the Shien-style of lightsaber combat.

He became a Jedi Knight and focused as an investigator, sometimes disappearing for months at a time on missions for the Jedi Order. Several years ago, he was “saddled” with his first student, Tycho Ventor. Their relationship is tense, with Marek not wanting a padawan. More often than not, Marek would leave his padawan flying their transport while he went off to complete whatever task the Jedi Order set for them. Marek usually treats Ventor like a child, even though Marek isn’t that much older than Ventor.

Ventor is now approaching the time of his Jedi Trials, and nothing he does seems to please Marek. When Master Kenobi announced that padawans would serve a tour or two in the Service Corps, Marek seemed relieved that he would not be herding his padawan around in his wake for a time, and could get back to business.

Galen Marek, Jedi Knight

In command of the Strike Cruiser Black Wing.

Galen Marek

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