Star Wars: Order 65

Upgrade my Ride

We are attacked again by Mandalorians, the leader has red armor, with Zabrak style markings and horns on his helmet.

Escaping from the Wheel we talk with Gates about what information he’s gained.

  • Apparently Peacekeeper 2 is being built in orbit of Mandalore. He has a money trail through 6 shell accounts.
  • Captain Rex (7567 trooper code) is posing as Sephi Severn, Bounty Hunter.
  • No proof about Force body swapping.

Grand Marshall Codi has ordered the ships to meet with task force in Skorrupon system to stop the Black Fleet.

We return to the Redemption, and share information with Captain Solo, Symbos, and Dodonna. Master Jennir is still in Bacta.

Admiral Ozo of the Resolute, in charge of the Task force. Redemption is ordered to take place in the line.

One ship, the Binder, starts up it’s gravity well generator. We warn the Admiral that it’s a trap, but it’s too late. Warships appear from hyperdrive, coming to a stop in front of the fleet. We board the Thranta to lend assistance in the space battle. As soon as the Resolute engages, a gigantic ship appears behind it, and opens fire. The Resolute is quickly destroyed.

Captain Solo sends out a code-phrase, and several ships appear surrounding the black ship. Senator Organa comes on the comms, ordering the ship to stand down. The Thranta weaves through the chaos, and attaches itself to the black ship. The black ship opens fire on the Binder, destroying it, and the gravity well, and disappears into hyperspace… with the Thranta attached to it’s belly.



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