Star Wars: Order 65


The Thranta leaves hyperspace arriving at Thule. There are 2 large warships near the planet. They send out 2 tie fighters of a strange configuration. The ties start an attack run. Marin guns the engines to make the planet before we’re shot out of the sky. The Thranta takes a good amount of damage, but the gunners make one withdraw and the other explodes.

Entering the atmosphere, there is an endless ionic storm. The Thranta takes a direct lightning strike, and all the droids (and Barret) are knocked out. We eventually land, and everyone is brought back to consciousness.

Heading outside to survey the damage, we hear a couple of cries call and respond. Above the trees are a number of double headed flying lizards (battle hydras) appear and attack. They descend upon the Thranta, but we kill them all before we take much harm.

An old man rides a lizard into the clearing. Tycho senses that he’s a Force Active Dark Side user. He introduces himself as Kitster Benai. Is actually Anakin Skywalker.

Met with Dooku and Quigon on Tattoine, with Padme, Kenobi, and 212 Battalion. Kenobi attacked Quigon, severed his arm, then moved to Dooku. Knocked Skywalker back through 2 walls, and unconscious. When awoke, Skywalker saw Kenobi over Padme, with table fragments through her. Dooku retreated with Kenobi chasing. QuiGon supported marriage of Skywalker. Quigon implored Skywalker to deliver children. Quigon sensed Kenobi returning, and told Skywalker to run with Tycho, before sister was born.

There is a place that is a convergence of the Force, called Mortis. A Caretaker there told Anakin that he was the chosen one to maintain balance in the Force. Anakin drawn back to Mortis, and spoke to caretaker. The rolls of the son and daughter (light and dark) need to be restored, with father to maintain balance. Taking up the roll would take you out of the universe, so Anakin can take surrogate. There are 2 captives in Kenobi’s citadel on Thule, they could be convinced to take up the rolls for a time.

Level to 10



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