Star Wars: Order 65

On the Trail

(First session with EotE system)

We awake inside the Thranta, our memories fuzzy concerning the past few weeks or months. 19.6 days of memory missing from Vandal’s memory, locked in his personal storage. Last thing is boarding Thranta with Quigon and Palpatine. Some have vague memories, or voices with messages.

  • Marin – Find your path
  • Tycho – Find your sister
  • Lucas – Find yourself
  • Glendora – Stop the Darkness

The Thranta is without power, and adrift in deep space. Barrett repairs the system, and begins working the Navigation system. We find Derra IV, and resync our chronometers.

All supplies used is consistent of 19 days of use. Oddness lies in the medical supplies. There is evidence of trauma medical supplies. No evidence of long term care supplies used. This is consistent with the injuries sustained by Barrett.

Barrett and Tycho search the Holonet for details as to what has happened in the world the last 19 days. Supreme chancellor Kenobie, decentralized the Jedi order to extend its protective duties across the universe. Kenobie has taken the Navy fleet and blanketed the galaxy with it, ineffectively. His justification is to discourage pirates in outer rims.

We land on Derra IV. The Jedi are received like celebrities. Then asked where our ships are. Dole Dennar II, Governor of Derra IV, places the resources of his office at our disposal. Tycho senses that Governor Dennar is trying to impress us because we were a jedi. He ignores all but the jedi.

We receive a call while debriefing each other from Marek. We set up a meeting with him on his ship. Tycho reveals our belief that Kenobi is related to the temple on Thule and that he has kept trophies of Jedi Masters. Lucas suggests investigating the period between the death of Darth Maul and when he returned from the dead. Marek suggests a slicer to hack the Jedi Archives to find this information.

Tycho suggests we investigate Ventress.
Marek asks what happened on Tatooine. Tycho gives him the download. Marek suggests we go to Tattooine to investigate.

Once we get to Tattooine, folks start to investigate. Lucas enters town and starts getting people pliable and responsive to helping. Vandal notices that words is spreading throughout town that the team is looking for information about the assassination. however its also come to the attention of the police force, and they are keeping an eye on us. His counter intelligence actions hides our identities.

Barrett asks the right questions to the right people, who take it the wrong way. Marrin hears the name Turoval Polque, shares it with the team through a communicator when two police officers arrest him. The rest of the team over hear the arrest. He gets put in jail.

Nicaela finds out that Polque is the deputy supervisor for the night shift of the police department.

6 hours after the arrest, Polque visits Marrin. They butt heads with no real progress either way. Until there is a disturbance at the entrance to the police station. When Vandal goes through, he has so many guns that the detector malfunctions, and they try to run him through again. Tycho convinces them that they do not need to using Jedi powers.

Barret and Lucas talk their way through the desk saregant. Lucas suggests they bring Glendora as a representation. The seargent goes to get Polque. Polque invites us back to observe the questioning.

Polque asks us what we are doing. Tycho explains we are investigating the assassination. Polque then starts typing into his datapad. Nicaela senses his surface thoughts are cool, but his anxiety has spiked. She also notices that he is typing nonsense into his datapad. she calls him on it and he starts to excuse himself fro the room. Using the force, she destroys the controls keeping hi inside the conference room.

Tycho puts Polque at ease by talking him down and convincing him to communicate. Polque convinces his people he is ok and that there was a malfunction. He has Marrin brought to the conference room.

Polque then starts to explain that he has been terrified for his family and himself ever since the event 20 years ago. Tycho explains that we are not part of the shadow that has slipped into the republic.

He was a rookie patrolman, there were reports of fighting in the district. They were unaware of a Jedi summit. There was some sort of duel, Jedi with light sabres fighting on the rooftops. Height of the clone wars, sieges had been going on for a year. They thought it was a prelude to an invasion, or secret deal gone wrong. Things appeared to quiet down after reports of a VIP fatally wounded and dead. Kenobi said that Gin and Dukkoo arrived under mission of peace,but betrayed that and killed the Chancellor. He heard two people talking thinking they were looters and snuck up on them. He pulls out a memory crystal and plays it.

There are two clone officers talking. Captain Rex in blue trim with a mashed trim. Commander Cody is the other. The Captain believes that he needs to report the truth, that Kenobi murdered Chancellor Amadala. Commander orders the Captain to stick to the General’s report then dismisses the captain. Then the commander calls in an air strike on the transport of 4 clones. A jet pack was seen escaping the crash.

After the incident Polque mentions that witnesses started going missing. He then changed his time sheet so he was sick that night so that no one would take him. He continued to take steps to remove his presence from the situation to avoid being another missing person.

He gives us his crystal. Tycho and Lucas offer to move them into witness protection program. Nicaela and Tycho stash the family on the Thranta and Polque finishes his shift. Tycho sets up Polque with a new life in the Typani sector.

Now there’s a trail that we can trace to Captain Rex.

There is a distinctive evil voice in Nicaela’s head Claim your place



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