Star Wars: Order 65

Prison Break

Deciding the best course of action is to drive up the intact Walker, the team sets themselves to various tasks to prepare.


  • Tycho talks over the location with some Rebels. Determines the best time would be dawn, approaching from the East, sun at our back.
  • Nikela watches the prison for a day, learning the exterior defenses and manpower.
  • Barret prepares the Walker, and obtains some explosives.
  • Glendora questions prison guards in the nearby cantina. She discovers that there are air speeders and Republic walkers that are on rapid deployment to defend the prison.
  • Vandal, Marrin, and the Stratt sneak into the prison. Walkers and Air Speeders are sabotaged. Interior layout is learned.
  • Tycho meditates on the future of the battleground. He receives a vision of many potential futures, and warns the group of it’s portents.


Barret starts the Walker’s long walk. Glendora and Tycho man the secondary weapons. Nikela rides on top. The alarm sounds, and pilots get to their speeders. Just as they’re about to exit the hanger, the door smashes down on the first one, closing down half of their forces. Marrin borrows an air speeder and lifts off with the second squad. Vandal surprises one of the gun platform, and after taking out the officer, talks the soldiers into retreating. The droid then sets the gun emplacement against the prison defenses. The Walker starts taking fire from the Speeders, and returns in kind. Nikela deflects some shots, defending the Walker. Marrin makes his presence known, and the speeders are taken out in short order. The Stratt avoids the alerted guards, finds the controls to the automated wall guns, and disables them. Discovered, he disappears into the prison levels and eludes capture. Barret fires the main weapon, scoring the prison wall on the first attempt, and going clear through on the second. The prison AT-ST’s have finally made out of the yard, slowed by the sabotage, and begin firing. One takes Marin’s speeder down, but he is blown clear at the last moment. The jedi rush to his side through the blaster fire. And the AT-ST’s are brought down.


Barret slices the computer system and locates cameras showing Votarri being removed from his cell by 3 Nexu and a Noble (Lord Andmark). They’re several stories up, and are heading for the roof to get onto a ship. The Stratt hits the release on the cells for the current floor. He makes an announcement over the PA system, declaring them all free, and to return home. A moment later, the turbolift opens, and guards pour out. The party wastes no time, keeping one group of guards busy at range, while Nikela cuts a swath, eliminating the group in the lift they need to reach the roof.


Lord Andmark, with Votarri held at gun point, tells his Nexu guard to keep us busy. A YT ship is approaching the platform. Glendora and Nikela thwart the Sage. Tycho sends the duelist flying into the turbolift, and then to the level with the prison riot. The Stratt leaps after Lord Andmark, and orders his surrender. When the Lord Surrenders, the Stratt puts himself in harms way, taking the shot for Votarri. His light foil cuts off Andmarks hand, and the Lord falls from the platform to his death.

Escape and Discussion

The padawans are called to bring in the Thranta to evacuate us. Marin takes over and breaks orbit in no time. Once Votarri has recovered, he asks why we saved him. We tell him of the death of Quinlan Vos. He tells us of how he met Vos, and his “old friend” Anakin Skywalker on the planet Thule. Surprised that Skywalker is not dead, as reported, Vos and Votarri leave the planet, but not to report to the Jedi Council. We set co-ordinates for Thule.



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