Star Wars: Order 65

GAR No More!

  • 12:599:3/HNN/CORS.1.SEN/COWK

Kenobi Announces Military Disarmament Plan

In a startling move, Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi announced a massive demilitarization and decommissioning program for the Grand Army of the Republic. The former Clone Wars general laid out a plan to scale down the armaments on the Republic’s strongest warships, sent trillions of credits in war materiel to scrapyards, and muster out millions of clone soldiers. This action goes against all media expectations, who were anticipating Kenobi to announce an increase in ship production and clone training.

I stand before you today as your Chancellor, but in the past I have been a student, a Jedi, a Grand Master, an investigator, and a General. But for all those titles I’ve carried, I have always considered myself a peacekeeper, one who would do what it takes to maintain peace for the betterment of the Republic.

For thousands of years, the Jedi Order served as peacekeepers for the Republic. In that time, they have amassed a large amount of historical data. My cabinet and I have been researching that data and we have discovered that the darkest times for the Republic marked a time when the Republic’s Army and Navy were at their height. Thousands of warships, and millions of soldiers. These forces were raised by those loyal Republic worlds to fight a great menace, but when that menace ended the Armed Forces were not dismissed. They remained, and even grew in size. Eventually that military found themselves embroiled in conflict after conflict, and even Civil War.

Few would argue that the Republic’s time since the Clone Wars were anything but easy, or peaceful. It’s been difficult for many, impossible for some. These times have occurred before, and the outcome each time was another war more devastating than the first. I looked at what was happening to the Republic and knew I could not sit idly by while we spiraled into another conflict with our Galactic neighbors.

Many within the Grand Army of the Republic advocated that the only way to preserve the Republic was to arm her better. To give the Republic the military power to crush any opposition totally and absolutely. That kind of thinking led to the creation of the wrongfully named “Peacebringer Station” during the last administration. That will not be the direction of this office any longer.

Effective immediately, and in compliance with Executive Order 38, the Grand Army of the Republic will be disbanded. I am ordering the decommissioning of seventeen battle squadrons and fourteen brigades. The remaining forces will be divided among the Sectors of the Republic as deterrents for pirate and criminal activities, and for defense during local disputes.

All clone troopers in the affected brigades will be given honorable discharges and protected from exploitation of their abilities. Local sector governors will be allowed to supplement their sector forces by hiring clones, but they are to be given the same rights and privileges as all other galactic beings. There will be minimum earnings that clone troopers must receive for their time and service. Any sector, system, or planet that violates this mandate and dishonors those clone troopers who served the Republic so admirably will face severe felony charges including fines and prison sentences.

The Impervious-class Star Destroyers attached to the decommissioned squadrons can still serve the Republic in a more peaceful manner. They will be disarmed and re-commissioned as science and exploration vessels, and their crews will be allowed to explore the Unknown Regions for new systems to colonize and new civilizations to open diplomatic relations with. I have asked the Jedi Council to prepare several teams of Jedi to aid and accompany the first of these exploration missions, which they have graciously accepted.

Finally, to make sure that the tools of the last war are not used in any future wars, all starfighters, walkers, and repulsorcraft that cannot be converted to civilian use will be destroyed. Their metals will be recycled and used for the creation of housing for the billions still homeless from the wars of the past.

This action is meant as a message. The Golden Ages of the Republic happened in times where there was no Army of the Republic. Many are calling for the renewal of hostilities with the Corellian Confederacy. This body will not allow that to happen. We hope this action acts as an example to our comrades from the Corellia System, and hope that we can return to the negotiation table without such a looming threat of conflict.

Thank you, and Long Live the Republic

Chancellor Kenobi’s Military Reduction Plan (MRP) has already gone into effect. HNN attempted to contact the base commander at the Anarg Military Command Center near the Senatorial District but only received a message saying they are unable to respond to inquiries while they initiate the MRP. Reports are coming in from Fondor and Kuat that Star Destroyers undergoing maintenance are already having many of their formidable weapons removed in preparation for their newly-stated exploration missions.

Many are wondering what will become of the millions of Clone Troopers that are now effectively jobless due to the MRP. These beings were raised for war and the military life. Some will be taken on by Sector Governors to supplement their local defenses, but it’s naieve to think that all the clones in the military now would be able to be hired in such a manner. Only time will tell if these brave heroes will be able to cope with the sudden transition into civilian life.

By decimating the Republic’s Armed Forces, Kenobi’s bold move could invite opportunistic individuals to attack where we are weakest. It could also herald in a new age where talking and negotiations are the weapons of war, and peace is the outcome of a bloodless victory.



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