Star Wars: Order 65

Episode Five: Shadows of the Force

Episode Five: Shadows of the Force

Peace refuses to take hold in the galaxy. The negotiations between the GALACTIC REPUBLIC and the CORELLIAN COUNCIL have come to a stalemate. SUPREME CHANCELLOR OBI-WAN KENOBI has vowed that war between the two states would not return, but many cannot see how it can be avoided.

On the world of BOTHAWUI, a relief effort led by the JEDI KNIGHTS bring much needed aid to the devastated regions still recovering from the vicious bombardment from a year ago. The relief forces are joined by Alderaanian Senator BAIL ORGANA, who mediates any disputes between the Republic and the Bothan people.

Meanwhile in the OUTER RIM TERRITORIES, dark forces are on the move. No longer content to hide in the shadows, they are active and gathering allies. Soon they will reveal themselves to the Galaxy, and only time will tell if the Republic will survive…




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