Star Wars: Order 65

Broken Star Destroyer Rescue

After dealing with one raiding party of HKs and Sith clones, we split the party. The main group (Barret, Lucas, Marin, Nickela, Tycho) heads to the bridge, currently under attack.

Barret repairs one of the turbolifts to get us close to the bridge, grinding all the way. Barret then uses a scanner to get a sense of the opposition we’re about to get into, Tycho uses Forsee to do the same.

We arrive on the bridge, finding the crew awaiting the next wave of attack. We inform them we’re from the Redemption, and are here to help. The doors open, and we see the enemy approach. Marin shoots a sith in the head right after the doors open. He notices some exposed conduits that could expose the enemy to bad things if they were ruptured. Nickela throws her saber and cuts the conduits, filling the area with noxious gas.

Lucas heads to the bridge and meets the command crew, finding the Jedi General with rebar through his chest.

We manage to kill all the opposition before they take down the force fields, and expose us to hard vacuum.

We meet Capt. Dodonna and General Das Jenir. Barret patches up the General, and then extracts some information from the computers so we have a copy of the attack. The data shows us a fleet of 4 black Mon Calamari warships with heavy shields and weapons, appearing out of hyperspace, destroying most of the fleet in seconds. They chased the Star Destroyer into the asteroid field.

Capt Dodonna states that we need to take this information back to Coruscant immediately.

Tycho receives a call from the Slicer on the Wheel. He’s gotten into trouble, and needs us to get him off the Wheel ASAP. In return, he’ll give us what he’s found out. Marin Astrogates us back in half the time.

No sooner have we met with the slicer, the station shakes from turbolaser fire. A small fleet of warships have come in and started attacking the wheel. Barret recognizes them as Mandalorians. He then quickly hotwires the train to get us back to the Thranta.

“The clone you wanted me to look for? CT-7567, but some of his records say he was known as “Rex” informally. He was reported KIA on the same date as Chancellor Amidala’s assassination, along with three other clones of his company. After some extensive and monumental deductive reasoning, I found a series of reports linking a clone deserter leaving Tatooine a few days after the assassination. All clones still reported as being alive and well were in the system, so it had to be a clone that was reported dead. Rex seemed to like Jet Packs, so he likely rocketed away before the transport crashed into the desert.”

Slicer report #1
“He left Tatooine and headed for Plutonia, a cold world that Rex saw action on early in the war. He must have made friends with the aristocracy, because soon after he had a transport of his own and headed out into the galaxy. I lost track for a while, but then located a fairly successful bounty hunter that’s big on capturing escaped criminals and wanted offenders; no Hutt bounties or assassination missions for him. This hunter is big on the ‘bring em to justice’ theme. Not that he won’t kill them if they resist, just that he’s got a good track record of bringing in some very nasty people.”

“This hunter’s name is Sefi Siven. Seven-Five-Six-Seven; Sefi Siven. Siven is Rex, and he’s still alive and kicking out here in the Rim.”

“As for what else I found? I ain’t saying anything until we’re aboard your ship…”

While en route, the train is hit by a missile, and we’re under attack by a squad of Mandolorians on turbosleds.



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