Star Wars: Order 65

Bringing down Order 65

We speak with Admiral Yolarin, Senator Organa, Capt. Rex, and others about where to go next.

We decide to go to Coruscant to call for a vote to enact Order 65. Organa tells us what will be needed for that. We will bring up Clone Rights, and interrupt with a call for Order 65. We will send some Clones to be outside the senate chamber and around town to help keep eyes out for Kenobi.

We travel to Coruscant on Solo’s Redemption (not reported AWOL). Organa is summoned directly to the Senate chamber. He makes the accusation, and the vote is called. The vote is close, but the Chancellor is taken into custody without incident. We scramble and split up. Tycho, Niceala, and Vandal get authorized to join the escort on Kenobi. Lucas, Barret, and Marin head to the Thranta and start organizing the clones. Organna stays behind to vote in the new acting Chancellor.

Mid-transit, a military transport arrives, and Asoka Tano and a figure in black help Kenobi escape. We pursue the transport to the Jedi Temple, where we know that it’s possible for them to take a ship off planet without clearance. Marin uses the Thranta to force the ship to land in the courtyard.

Kenobi wastes no time, and starts influencing the Jedi to his side. Lucas tries to talk them back to our side, and bides some time. Tycho instigates Kenobi, with all the accusations brought against him, Satine is enraged and charges Tycho. Asoka kills two of the Jedi in her way, and the battle begins in earnest. Kenobi forces the Thranta to land. Satine is so enraged that she rips off her helmet, and shows all the cybernetics she has because of the hard vacuum from our last encounter. Barret shoots her in the right place to shut down the cybernetics. Marin runs to the entrance, and tries to lock the door behind him. Kenobi turns and rips up the area, knocking down Nicela. Vandal snipes Asoka, knocking her out. Barret uses a stimpak on Nicela, who engages Kenobi. Vandal snipes Kenobi, and he falls just as more Jedi arrive from the temple.

The three are brought to force cages under the temple. Gates starts cracking into Kenobi’s files, and discovers lots of data pertaining to his influence in the Council and the Senate. More about Peacekeeper 2’s building funds, but not plans. The Jedi Council is arrested, or flees and are still at large. The Senate Security Council is forced to resign, in expectation of Kenobi’s influence.

Lucas and Tycho go to visit Kenobi in his cell. He is meditating, and they wait over 30 minutes before Lucas leaves and Tycho cracks, asking the first question. Kenobi explains that the assassin from Naboo, Darth Maul, had escaped, and found Kenobi on Thule. They fought for years, but eventually Maul convinced Kenobi of the weakness of the Jedi and the Rebublic. Maul explained how Kenobi could take apart Palpatines plans, and put himself into place to enact change. He learned to use the Force for everything, if anything got in his way, he’s simply use the Force, and it was removed. Amidala had to be killed because the Senate voted her in, instead of his puppet, Mon Mothma.

Kenobi admits that Peacekeeper 2 will be coming to destroy Coruscant. So he gives us access to his files that have the plans for the station. Perhaps a weakness can be found?



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