Star Wars: Order 65

Act 3, Chap 4

Barret scans around for ways to slice into the communications, and finds 2 options nearby.

Black ship has approximately 80,000 beings onboard. 17 kilometers long. Tycho senses several sith, and one in particular that is a torrent storm of Dark Force energy.

We cut into the bulkhead, and find ourselves in a supply closet. We hide as 2 officers enter to retrieve items from the closet. They are wearing the red insignia of the old Sith Empire.

Vandal and Lucas disguise themselves as officers, to plant the tracking device. They see a number of HK droids, and Vandal figures that the ship could have roughly a million on board.

Barret hooks into the network, but brings in a little too much data at once. Gaining access to the Bridge comms, “My Lord we have an incoming communication.”
“I’ll take it in my office.” We get a hologram of the communication, there is a large hulking figure kneeling before a cloaked tattooed chin showing.

Deathwatch fleet
Over 2 meters tall, tattooed Zabrak. 3 of 12 dreadnoughts are operational, 9 are completing shakedown crews.
Darkforce ships. Hoffner revealed…
Return to Mandalore, and complete Peacekeeper 2. Destroy Coruscant.
Kenobi is an expendable pawn.

We have about 10 hours before reaching Mandalore with it’s x1 hyperdrive. Marin figures Peacekeeper 2 will take about a month from Mandalore to Coruscant with a x4 hyperdrive. Barret starts downloading the schematics and other data, will take about an hour. We hide the cable, seal the hole, move some crates to conceal the hole, and return to the Thranta.

Several hours later, we arrive at a planet (Kilvalla mostly toxic deserts) with 2 moons… one of which is Peackeeper 2 under construction. This one has a hexagon for the main gun, and it’s painted with the Sith emblem. 2 other warships are near by, and 3 Deathwatch Dreadnoughts are in system.

Taking a scan of the situation, we detach from the Dreadnought and start piloting away. Marin sets the Astrogation computer for home, and we escape the system. 15 hours later we’re arriving at our destination… There’s no planet, or other ships, or beacon… We’re about 7 systems off course. We calibrate, and get to the Scorpico system 6 hours later. There is a lone Y-wing left behind to give us coordinates to the rendezvous point.

We land on the Star Destroyer Independent. We review the information.

Darkforce – in the Old Republic fleet of 200 upgraded warships.

Discussion of how to enact Order 65, or turning Kenobi to our side. We still need Capt. Rex for first hand proof. Lucas tells the Senator and Capt. Dodonna that he is the Stratt, and we plan how to hire Sefi Sevren to hunt the Stratt for us.

Days pass, we head to the Bethowi system, and Lucas carouses around a major city, making himself a good target.

We meet with Sefi Severn, who’s working with Lucian Hegaran, apparently still alive. We discuss getting them to work with us. Hegaran has the 188 Katana fleet, and 16 million Clone Troopers who were fired by Kenobi. Hegaran offers the fleet in return for a seat on the Security Senate. However, Sefi Severn says the clones will fight for a Skywalker despite Hegarans cost.

Organa agrees to Hegarans terms.



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